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This category is for the listing of regional government, law and military information (e.g. Branches of Government, Law, Military, Taxes).
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African Elections Database - Kenya
Information on national elections includes country's political profile and full historical results.
CIA - Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: Kenya
List of government officials and their titles, updated weekly. Also includes the head of the central bank, ambassadors to the United States and Permanent Representatives to the UN, New York.
ICL: Kenya Index
Information on the constitution from the International Constitutional Law Project.
The Judiciary
Is charged with the responsibility of dispensing justice to safeguard the just government of men.
Kenya Bureau of Standards
Providing training, lab testing, certification and metrological skills.
Kenya National Bureau of Statistics
Responsible for development of the country through visionary economic planning, prudent fiscal and monetary policies, effective coordination of Government financial operations and optimal allocation of resources.
Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources
Responsible for environmental policy, assessments and coordination development of forests, reafforestation and agroforestry, mineral exploitation, mining and geological surveys.
Ministry of Finance
Charged with the responsibility of formulating financial and economic policies, effective coordination of Government financial operations, management of revenue and optimal allocation of resources.
Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development
Deals with National manpower policy and development, adult education, technical training, social security, factory inspection, workers health and safety, employment policy, industrial relations and youth polytechnics.
NHIF: National Hospital Insurance Fund
State fund established in 1966 as a department under the Ministry of Health. It collects contributions from all Kenyans earning a high enough income and pays hospital benefits to members and their dependants.
The Presidency, Republic of Kenya
Includes news archives, speeches, government, National Anthem, missions and commentary.
The Public Service Commission
Is charged with the recruitment for the Civil Service and the Local Authorities.
US Law Library of Congress - Kenya
Annotated compendium of online sources providing access to primary documents, legal commentary and general government information about specific jurisdictions and topics.
World Legal Information Institute - Kenya
Catalog and search facilities for over 500 databases from 55 countries including case-law, legislation, treaties, law reform reports, law journals, and other materials.
World Statesmen - Kenya
Review of the country's history, politics, leaders and international organizations and treaties. Includes map, constitution, national anthem and pictures of historical flags.

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