Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Office of the President
Official site provides speeches, presidential biography and links to other government websites.
ABC News - Hamid Karzai
Collected news, video and photos.
C-SPAN - Hamid Karzai
Collected video appearances, starting in 2002.
Christian Science Monitor - Hamid Karzai
Collected news, analysis and pictures.
The Economist - Hamid Karzai
Collected coverage of the President of Afghanistan.
Encyclopedia Britannica - Hamid Karzai (president of Afghanistan)
Encyclopedia article about the Afghan politician who was the first elected president of Afghanistan (2004–).
The Guardian - Hamid Karzai
Collected news, analysis and commentary about the President of Afghanistan, including links to related subjects.
Huffington Post - Hamid Karzai
Collected news, commentary and photos.
IMDb - Hamid Karzai
List of appearances in TV documentaries and news shows since 2003.
Los Angeles Times - Hamid Karzai
Collected news, photos and information.
The New York Times - Hamid Karzai
Collection of recent and archived news and commentary, photos, multimedia and selected web resources.
NNDB - Hamid Karzai
Biographical information about the President of Afghanistan.
Wall Street Journal - Hamid Karzai
Collected news, photos and video about the President of Afghanistan.
Wikipedia - Hamid Karzai
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about the President of Afghanistan.
WorldCat Identities - Hamid Karzai
Works by and about the President of Afghanistan with reviews, online copies, purchase and library availability for each. Includes related identities and associated subjects.
BBC News - Profile: Hamid Karzai
Profile after he was declared president of Afghanistan for a second term on 2 November 2009, following allegations of vote fraud. (January 05, 2010)
BBC News - Hamid Karzai: King's powerful Pashtun ally
Pam O'Toole profiles the powerful Pashtun tribal leader from the Taleban's political stronghold of Kandahar, a member of the same clan as the former Afghan king, Zahir Shah. (November 02, 2001)
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