Gary Younge
Official website provides the author's column archives, book information, profile and upcoming events.
AlterNet: Gary Younge
Collection of commentary by the British journalist and author.
C-SPAN Video Library - Gary Younge
Videos and transcripts of appearances on C-SPAN.
The Guardian: Books: On the freedom road
Extract from No Place Like Home, A Black Briton's Journey Through The American South, shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award 2000.
The Guardian: Books: Top 10 travel books
Gary Younge, author of No Place Like Home, part travel book and part inquiry into cultural history, shares his favourites.
The Guardian: Gary Younge
Columns written for the Guardian newspaper about U.S., world and British life and politics.
Hay Festival - Podcast: America
Panel discussion with Graydon Carter ("What We’ve Lost"), Christopher Hitchens and Gary Younge ("Stranger in a Strange Land: Encounters in the Disunited States") at Hay Festival 2006 to consider the state of the union.
Hay Festival - Podcast: Obama's America
Historians Simon Schama, Niall Ferguson, Gary Younge and David Reynolds talk to Bronwen Maddox about her book, "Obama’s America", at Hay Festival 2010, setting the current US administration and its achievements in context.
Hay Festival - Podcast: Who Are We?
Gary Younge discusses his book, "Who Are We – And Should it Matter in the 21st Century?", at the Hay Festival 2010. Chaired by Clemency Burton-Hill. "We are more alike than we are unalike. But the way we are unalike matters."
The Nation: Gary Younge
Columns written by Gary Younge, the Alfred Knobler Journalism Fellow at The Nation Institute.
NPR: Gary Younge
Author interviews of the British writer on National Public Radio (U.S.).
The Observer: Books: Are my roots showing?
With an identity including Britain, Barbados and the American Deep South, Gary Younge describes how he started his journey to America to follow in the path of the freedom riders of the 60's - and to write No Place Like Home.
Twitter: Gary Younge
Brief comments from the British writer on what he's doing and thinking.
University Press of Mississippi: No Place Like Home
Review of Gary Younge's travelog, social commentary, and journey to self-discovery, the story of a black Englishman's trek through Dixie to connect with his racial identity.
Wikipedia: Gary Younge
Hyperlinked encyclopaedia entry includes the journalist's biography and bibliography of works.
WorldCat Identities - Gary Younge
Works by and about the subject with reviews, online copies, purchase and library availability for each. Includes related identities and associated subjects.
The Diane Rehm Show: Gary Younge: "Who Are We - And Should It Matter in the Twenty-First Century?"
Audio and transcript of an August 2011 interview with the British writer about his new book. (August 25, 2011)
BBC News: Correspondent: Minister of Rage
For months, The Guardian's Gary Younge followed the charismatic Minister Louis Farrakhan. His film report examines why the leader of the Nation of Islam is still barred from entering the UK. Includes video of Gary's interview with Vibert White plus full programme transcript and viewers' comments. (May 31, 2002)
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