For web sites relating to the Conservative MP for Kensington and Chelsea, Sir Malcolm Rifkind.
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Independent - Malcolm Rifkind: Blair Is Presiding Over a Foreign Policy Disaster, Worse Even Than Vietnam or Suez
Thoughts on the role of Blair's foreign policy, the Labour Cabinet and the need for Gordon Brown from the Conservative Foreign Secretary 1995-97.
The Observer: Manifesto for a Conservative Britain
Commentary by Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP about the future direction of the Conservative Party. Malcolm Rifkind MP
Offers performance data, Register of Members' Interests entries, Hansard transcripts of recent appearances in Parliament, Early Day Motions signed, links and RSS feeds.
Wikipedia: Malcolm Rifkind
Article updated by the public about the Conservative MP for Kensington and Chelsea from 2005 to 2015, Chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee from 2010 to 2015. Includes biography, political career, references and related links.
Telegraph: Sir Malcolm Rifkind: I feel a twinge of sympathy for backbench Labour MPs
Sir Malcolm Rifkind on the plight of MPs and ministers. (July 26, 2008)
Telegraph: Rifkind drops out of leadership race
Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the former foreign secretary, has withdrawn from the Conservative Party leadership race and given his backing to Kenneth Clarke. (October 11, 2005)
Telegraph: I have youth on my side, says leadership hopeful Rifkind, 59
Sir Malcolm Rifkind has tried to breathe new life into his campaign for the Tory leadership by insisting that he was not as old as people thought he was. (August 26, 2005)
Telegraph: Rifkind sets out challenge to Davis in battle for party's soul
David Davis's hopes of a free run at the Tory leadership were dashed yesterday as Sir Malcolm Rifkind led a charge by moderates to recreate a more compassionate party that can defeat Labour on the "centre ground". (June 08, 2005)
BBC News: Sir Malcolm Rifkind
A political profile of the MP for Chelsea and Kensington. (May 10, 2005)
Telegraph: Rifkind vetoed 1991 Maxwell inquiry
A British investigation into the death of Robert Maxwell was vetoed by Malcolm Rifkind, the then transport secretary, two weeks after the disgraced tycoon was found in the sea off Tenerife. (September 23, 2004)
Telegraph: Rifkind selected for safe seat
Sir Malcolm Rifkind relaunched his political career last night when he was selected as Tory candidate for the safe seat of Kensington and Chelsea. (February 26, 2004)
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