Find links to sites dealing with economic growth of the region including government and private organizations, relief efforts, and information services.
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EUROPA - The EU's Relations with Iraq
Report on economic and trade relations in the political and economic context. Includes response strategy and co-operation along with background information.
IMF - Iraq and the IMF
Provides news, statistics, Public Information Notices and other reports, financial position in the Fund and transactions.
Natural Resource Governance Institute
Monitors the economic reconstruction in the country, focusing on the oil industry, to ensure it is managed responsibly. Provides links to organizations involved and resources. From the Open Society Institute of George Soros.
OSAC - Iraq
U.S. government PPP monitors and reports on regional security for American businesses operating in the area. Provides daily news, overseas posts, country councils, travel warnings and travel alerts. From the Overseas Security Advisory Council.
UK DFID - Country Profiles: Iraq
News, programmes, case studies and publications about the country from the Department for International Development in the UK.
UN FAO - Country Profiles and Mapping Information System: Iraq
Provides information about the UN's food and agriculture activities, areas of intervention, newsroom, publications, country information, related sites and contacts.
US Energy Information Administration - Iraq
US EIA provides data, forecasts, country analysis brief and other analyses, focusing on the energy industry including oil, natural gas and electricity.
World Bank Group in Iraq
Provides news and events and in-depth analysis with a regional overview, country briefs, data and statistics, publications, development topics, initiatives, projects and programs.
World Trade Organization - Accession Status: Iraq
WTO provides news, trade statistics, documents and the status of the working party.
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