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Canada Court Watch Program
A program of the National Association for Public and Private Accountability, listing stories of issues with family and criminal court systems.
Canadian Association of Law Libraries
Founded to develop and increase the usefulness of Canadian law libraries, and to foster a spirit of co-operation among them.
Canadian Bar Association
CBA provides support to members of the legal profession. A voluntary organization representing over 35,000 lawyers across Canada.
Canadian Bar Association - Wellness
Offers support, advice and training to Lawyer Assistance Programs serving Canada's legal professionals.
Canadian Criminal Justice Association
Membership organization dedicated to the improvement of the country's criminal justice system. Articles and publications, book reviews, schedule of upcoming events, and membership details are presented.
Canadian Divorce Laws
An overview of Canadian divorce laws, written in layman's terms. Topics covered include child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division.
Canadian Forum on Civil Justice
A joint initiative of the Canadian Bar Association and the Faculty of Law of the University of Alberta to facilitate the exchange of information and experience on civil justice reform.
Canadian Judicial Council
The objects of the Council are to promote efficiency and uniformity, and to improve the quality of judicial service in superior courts and in the Tax Court of Canada.
Canadian Maritime Law Association
Information about the association, list of events, and related links.
Canadian Police Canine Association
A non profit, non-political affiliation of peace officers employed in the handling and training of service dogs in Canada.
The Centre for Police Accountability
Information on police brutality and misconduct including case law, information on how to make a complaint and how to sue police in small claims court, and other resources.
Copyright Board Canada
The Copyright Board Canada is an economic regulatory body empowered to establish the royalties to be paid for the use of copyrighted works.
Employment Insurance Jurisprudence Library
The Federal Government's database of employment insurance jurisprudence as well as a growing number of related Provincial Court and Human Rights Tribunal decisions.
The Federal Court of Canada
Information on Federal Court decisions, reports and rules.
Federation of Law Societies of Canada
The umbrella organization of the thirteen governing bodies of the legal profession in Canada.
Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
Government tribunal offers access to its adjudication and immigration appeal divisions. Includes a publications guide.
National Pardon Centre
Federal non-profit organization that assists individuals with the removal or destruction of their Canadian criminal record.
Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs
The Federal Court of Canada's rules, decisions, appointments and other information.
Supreme Court of Canada
Canada's highest court. The final general court of appeal, the last judicial resort for all litigants, whether individuals or governments. Jurisdiction embraces both the civil law of the province of Quebec and the common law of the other provinces and territories.
Uniform Law Conference of Canada
Founded in 1918 to harmonize the laws of the provinces and territories of Canada. Offers criminal and civil law information, meeting proceedings, and uniform statutes.
US Law Library of Congress - Canada
Annotated compendium of online sources providing access to primary documents, legal commentary and general government information about specific jurisdictions and topics.

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