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CBS News - Campaign '08 Candidate Profile: Mike Huckabee
News, analysis and opinion for CBS, the web and Digg along with videos, a profile and photo essay.
CNN - Election Center 2008: Mike Huckabee
Provides candidate profile, advisors, issue positions, campaign finance, supporters and polls of the former Governor of Arkansas.
Facebook - Mike Huckabee
Mike Huckabee's profile page provides information about the presidential candidate along with photos, events, posted items, wall posts and links to supporters and groups.
FEC - Candidate Summary Reports: Mike Huckabee
Official presidential campaign finance reports and data from the Federal Election Commission.
Flickr - Explore Huckabee's Photos
Photos from the presidential campaign trail organized by set and tags. Includes archives, favorites and profile. - Mike Huckabee
Campaign fund records, as contributor and candidate, for state-level offices. Variant spellings and information not included. Intended for journalists, scholars and attorneys rather than the general public.
Huck PAC
Mike Huckabee's PAC working nationwide to elect conservatives.
The New York Times - Mike Huckabee News
Collection of news and commentary about his presidential campaign.
On the Issues - 2008 Presidential Candidates: Mike Huckabee
Provides quotes and background on various international, domestic, economic and social issues. Includes profile, contact data, forum and VoteMatch. - Mike Huckabee (President 2008)
Profile of 2008 presidential campaign funds raised and spent. - Mike Huckabee (President 2016)
Profile of 2016 presidential campaign funds raised and spent.
Wikipedia - Mike Huckabee
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about the former governor of Arkansas and former candidate for President.
YouTube - Mike Huckabee for President
Collection of videos from Mike Huckabee's presidential campaign including speeches, statements, endorsements and clips from the field.
Foreign Affairs - America's Priorities in the War on Terror
Mike Huckabee: The Bush administration's arrogant bunker mentality has been counterproductive at home and abroad. American foreign policy needs to change its tone and attitude, open up, and reach out. In particular, it should focus on eliminating Islamist terrorists, stabilizing Iraq, containing Iran, and toughening its stance with Pakistan. (January 01, 2008)
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