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Deep sky objects are non-stellar astronomical objects that can be seen in the night sky. As telescopes have improved, these faint objects have been broken into more descriptive scientific classifications such as interstellar clouds, star clusters, and galaxies.
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Arp's Catalog of Peculiar Galaxies
Provides images from the catalog of 338 peculiar galaxy views gathered by Dr. Halton C. Arp in his Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies.
Astronomical Sketches
Sketches of astronomical objects made at the telescope by Michael Geldorp.
A CCD Tour of the Universe
Includes deep sky objects and solar system CCD galleries, techniques and resources, and equipment.
Challenging Observing Projects for Amateur Astronomers
Includes 100 peculiar galaxies, off the beaten path, observing galaxy clusters, the Abell planetaries, and the ultimate observing list with images.
Deep Sky Intro
Article on various types of deep sky objects.
Graphite Galaxy
Astronomical sketches of deep sky objects observed by Ferenc Lovro.
Ian's Astro Page
Sketches, scratchings, pictures, and links, and construction of piggyback camera adaptor.
Iiro's DeepSky Sketches
A collection of my deepsky sketches and general information about deepsky objects and telesopes.
The National Deep Sky Observers Society
Contains information, challenges, galaxy clusters, globular clusters, open star clusters, naked eye observations, observing planetary nebulae, the Milky Way, and star hopping.
Ray Cash's Deep-Sky Page
Articles, information, photos, and links about deep-sky observing.
Secrets of Deep-Sky Observing
Pointers observers should know includes sky brightness, dark adaptation, averted vision, high power, capturing color, and other tips.
Star Observer
Math Heijen provides a collection of visual observing reports on stars, double stars and open clusters.
Visual Deep Sky Observing
Galleries of sketches, legend, projects, publications, and links.
The Webb Deep-Sky Society
International society of amateur and professional astronomers specializing in the observation of deep sky objects. Includes a forum where members can communicate and publish the results of their observations.
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