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Atmospheres of Neutron Stars
An interactive archive of neutron star atmosphere models, for advanced students and researchers.
Catalogue of Galactic Supernova Remnants (SNRs)
Listing of over 200 supernova remnants.
A Gravitationally Powered Oscillatory Pulsar Model
Proposed advanced theory of mainstream pulsars being oscillatory and powered by gravitational contraction, rather than rotary.
Introduction to Neutron Stars
An accessible introduction to neutron stars that includes details on their life cycles as well as detailed information on neutron star variants such as x-ray and gamma ray bursters.
Introduction to Pulsar Astronomy
A tutorial on radio pulsars and "The Sounds of Pulsars"
Jodrell Bank Observatory: Pulsar Research
As one of the research groups of the Jodrell Bank Observatory, they form part of the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Manchester, in the United Kingdom. They have many collaborations with other research groups across the world and, in particular, with the ATNF with whom they are the main partners in the Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Survey.
Little Green Men, White Dwarfs or Pulsars?
A personal account by Jocelyn Bell Burnell on the discovery of pulsars.
Neutron Star
Article from Wikipedia on this remnant that can result from the gravitational collapse of a massive star.
Neutron Stars
Overview of what is known about neutron stars, including a discussion of X-ray bursters.
Neutron Stars
This site provides a concise definition and description of neutron stars. Suitable for university students.
Neutron Stars and X-ray Binaries
An accessible summary of neutron stars and X-ray binaries, presented by the Chandra X-ray Observatory. Includes a questions and answers section and a selection of images.
Remnant of Chinese Supernova
Scientists using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory have found new evidence that a pulsar in the constellation of Sagittarius was created when a massive star exploded, witnessed by Chinese astronomers in the year 386 AD.
Summaries of Neutron Star Types
Includes short summaries on neutron stars, including information on pulsars, neutron degeneracy, pulsar examples, binary pulsars and planets around pulsars. This information links to a useful navigable 'mind map' dealing with concepts in physics.
A Tutorial on Radio Pulsars
A tutorial from the Australia Telescope National Facility, Parkes, New South Wales
Amateurfunk, Erde-Mond-Erde, EME, VHF, DX, 144MHz, 50 MHz
Virtual Trips to Black Holes and Neutron Stars Page
Ever wonder what it would look like to travel to a black hole or neutron star?
Windows to the Universe: Neutron Stars
A typical neutron star is the size of a small city, but it may have the mass of as many as three suns.

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