This category is for resources on the role of bioinformatics in education. It is not only about teaching bioinformatics per se, but also about the ways that advances in bioinformatics are changing the whole field of biology, and consequently the teaching and learning of all aspects of biology and life sciences, health sciences, agriculture, environmental sciences, and related fields.
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Human Genome Project Education Resources
A resource for introductory information on the Human Genome Project.
Bioinformatics group for students interested and/or working in the bioinformatics/computational biology fields. Offers opportunities to exchanging information and sharing ideas.
A one-year, international master's programme in bioinformatics at the University of Skovde, Sweden.
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Graduate program at Iowa State University offering Undergraduate Major (BCBio) and the PhD program (BCB).
Bioinformatics Information
Maintained by Dr. Seyeon Weon, Korea providing information on courses, a database archive, software archive and online resources.
Bioinformatics Institute
Singapore Bioinformatics conducting informatics research, development, and training, to generate knowledge from large volumes of Biology and Chemistry data
Bioinformatics Institute of India
Blog focusing on bioinformatics, biotechnology, pharma regulatory affairs, IPR and clinical trials.
Boston University Bioinformatics Graduate Programs
Interdisciplinary PhD and Masters Programs that include an internship in the local industry companies. In conjunction with the NE masters program.
Chickscope 1.5
Students raise chicken embryos in the classroom and obtain magnetic resonance images through the Internet.
Geospiza: Education
Instructional materials for teaching bioinformatics. These include animated tutorials on topics such as BLAST, finding mutations in a protein, and graphing with MS-Excel.
Graduate Program in Bioinformatics
The University of British Colombia Bioinformatics Centre offers M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees to students doing research in the field of bioinformatics.
Helsinki Masters in Bioinformatics
A two year Masters Degree Programme in Bioinformatics (MBI) offered by the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University of Technology, Finland.
International Bologna Master in Bioinformatics
A two year, international master's programme in bioinformatics at the Universita di Bologna, Italy.
JISCmail: Bioinformatics
Forum featuring various aspects, events and developments in the bioinformatics field.
Master's Degree Programme in Bioinformatics
An international, two-year Master's programme jointly managed by the University of Tampere and the University of Turku, Finland.
MBB452a: Genomics and Bioinformatics (Yale University)
Bioinformatics course at Yale University. All course slides are available online.
NCBI's Genes and Disease
Information about several medically important genes and related diseases. Illustrates the use of bioinformatics in their study.
Northeastern University Bioinformatics Masters Program
From the Biology department and in cooperation with Boston University. Emphasis on the ability to integrate knowledge from biological, computational, and mathematical disciplines.
Perlsource Informatics
Provides online courses in Perl programming for bioinformatic tools.
The Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Homepage (SIB)
SIB operates the ExPASy proteomics server and the Swiss node of EMBnet. Teaching activities include a series of post-graduate courses given at the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne, as well as at the EPFL, and a Masters Degree in bioinformatics. Major research areas include the development of integrated databases and software resources in the field of proteomics.

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