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3rd Millennium, Inc.
Our bioinformatics consulting, systems development, and integration services help ensure your bioinformatics systems are fully geared toward your success and unique strategies. We focus on deploying the best technologies for today while working on the best technologies for tomorrow.
Supplier of bioinformatics software for gene and protein sequence analysis, high-throughput screening systems and databases for managing bioassay information. Formerly Oxford Molecular, Genetics Computer Group (GCG), Molecular Simulations Inc. (MSI), and Synopsys Scientific Systems.
AG Biyoinformatik
AGB is a Turkish consulting and bioinformatics company focused on high-throughput data analysis as well as data mining.
LIMS and collaborative software for molecular biology labs.
Supplier of bioinformatics software for mutation discovery. Provide custom software.
BIOBASE Biological Databases
Biological Databases for Gene Expression, Pathway and NGS Analysis.
Biobyte Solutions
Provider of customized bioinformatics tools and services. Existing portfolio includes protein annotation tools, metagenomics integration systems, drug and protein interaction analysis tools.
BioDiscovery, Inc.
Offers microarray bioinformatics software and services.
Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.
Professional algorithmic and software solutions for the bioinformatics industry: PROSPECT for protein structure prediction, PatternHunter for identifying all approximate repeats in a complete genome, and COPIA for discovering motifs in a family of protein sequences.
Develops easy to use bioinformatics software that speeds up and simplifies research for all molecular biologists and biochemists.
Biomax Informatics AG
Offers annotated genome database, and DNA and protein sequence analysis tools.
Provides database systems and data mining for high-throughput DNA and protein microarrays.
CLC bio
Supplier of bioinformatics software for DNA, RNA and protein analysis. Provides bioinformatics consulting services, focusing on custom designed data analysis and development of specialized bioinformatics algorithms. Located in Aarhus, Denmark.
Clondiag Chip Technologies
Develops software for the analysis and management of microarray data.
Develops and markets platforms, tools and products that accelerate post-genomic research, the advanced study of proteins and protein pathways, and drug target discovery.
Darwin Digits
Offers information management, bioinformatics analysis, project management and consultancy for the life science and health care industries.
Developers of the Delta2D software for difference analysis of 2D electrophoresis gels.
ePitope Informatics
Specializes in epitope prediction and protein analysis for proteomics, diagnostics, therapeutics, life science research, and antibody production.
Supplier of DNA and protein sequence analysis software.
Gene Codes Corp.
Developer of Sequencher for DNA sequence alignment and analysis on Windows and Mac platforms.
Provides customizable software solutions and related scientific services for the analysis of genomics and proteomics data.
GeneGo Inc.
Developer of bioinformatics software to parse and display microarray data.
Genomatica, Inc.
Innovator of in silico systems biology, building proprietary cellular-level models to accelerate the identification and production of more effective drugs, chemical and agricultural products, and enabling in-silico biological discovery.
Genomatix Software GmbH
Provides hardware, software and services for the analysis of next generation sequencing data, microarray data and genomic data in general with a focus on personalized medicine.
Genome Life Sciences
Genome Life Sciences (GLS) is a research-driven company focused on developing innovative solutions for genomic and proteomic data analysis and knowledge discovery. Provides details of the products and consultancy services offered.
Geospiza, Inc.
Geospiza's bioinformatics software helps service, research, and clinical laboratories manage and analyze data from genomics, DNA sequencing, genotyping and proteomics.
Health Discovery Corporation Home Page
HDVY is a biotech company performing biomarker discovery in genomics and proteomics using advanced technologies such as support vector machines and fractal genomics modeling.
The Institute for Computational Genomics (INCOGEN) focuses on computational and data management solutions to the complex challenges faced by researchers in plant and animal genomics.
Produces DNA secondary structure prediction software including alignments and Chous-Fasman analysis.
Providing integrated information management solutions for the life sciences.
Ingenuity Pathways Analysis
Offer a web-based mammalian biology knowledgebase and analysis tool used for drug discovery and genomic data analysis.
LabVantage Solutions
Global provider of workflow driven automation tools, knowledge management software, implementation services, and consulting to leading discovery-oriented, high throughput screening, genomics, proteomics, pharmaceuticals, and combinatorial chemistry companies.
Offer online 2D gel processing from uploaded gel images.
MathEcology, LLC
Mathematical model development for biological, ecological, and epidemiological applications.
Matrix Science
Mascot, the on-line search engine for protein identification using mass spectrometry data
Metabolic Explorer
Explores and designs metabolic pathways.
MetaHelix Life Sciences
Metahelix Life Sciences is a company that specializes in scientific consulting, contract research, application software and product development in the emerging areas of life science informatics and genomics.
Molecular Connections
Provides in-silico discovery services and products including cost effective curation, literature informatics solutions and annotation services.
Natural Solutions
Software engineering firm experienced in ecoinformatics and environment data management. English and French.
NextBio's aim is to empower researchers and clinicians to make new discoveries in science, to find new and better cures for diseases and to work more collaboratively.
NimbleGen Systems, Inc.
Provides customized DNA microarray using provided design software
Nonlinear Dynamics
Develops scientific software for proteomics, genomics, drug discovery and bioinformatics. Products include Phoretix, Progenesis and Progenera.
Develops software for bioinformatics and genomics including aligners for single ended and paired end reads from the Illumina Genome Analyser.
Offers online cancer gene expression analysis. Use a compendium of 10,000+ cancer transcriptome profiles with an analysis engine to provide data-mining and data visualization.
Products and services for bioanalytical data analysis.
QuesGen Systems, Inc.
The QuesGen platform is a comprehensive web-based solution designed specifically for configuring and managing clinical databases.
Seascape Learning
Distributes structural bioinformatics software and educational material.
Synamatix Sdn Bhd
Develops databases for the storage of genetic sequence data, and applications for analysis and mining of biological data. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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