There are about 35,000 species of spider worldwide. They are characterized by four pairs of legs and an unsegmented furry or polished "abdomen". They all produce a poison in their fangs that acts as a neurotoxin. They also produce silk from their spinnerets though not all build webs. They are predators, catch their prey in various ways, immobilize it with their venom and then suck out the body fluids.
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Ants, Beetles and Spiders
Article by David Richman on the mimicry adopted by some spiders in the order Araneae making them resemble certain unpalatable ants and beetles.
Araneae: Spiders
The characteristics of these creatures, their life cycle, feeding and habitat, with illustrations.
Spider Collector's Journal
Rod Crawford's narratives of scientific spider collecting expeditions; recent ones include photo albums of habitats and specimens.
Spider Myths Site
This site lists the common myths about spiders and debunks them; illustrated.
Spider Webring
Web ring for spider lovers.
Spiders of Belgium
Biology, ecology, life history, and images of spiders, as well as a key to Belgian spiders. In Flemish and English.
Spiders of Brisbane
Photographs and notes from the Brisbane area of Queensland, Australia.
Spiders of Northwest Europe
Images and descriptions of over 220 species commonly found in northwestern Europe, especially the area between the Netherlands and the south of France. A subsection features 190 pictures of Australian spiders.
Spiders of Queensland
Identification, description, habitat, and toxicity of common spiders in Queensland, Australia. Includes section on the Australian Redback Spider (Latrodectus hasseltii).
Spiders of the Netherlands
Database of species occurring in the Netherlands, arranged by family, genus, and species. Identification characteristics, as well as one or more photos for many species.
Community providing spider identification services for primarily North American spiders. Members of the public can submit photographs and submit and help identify pictures of spiders.
Steve's Aussie Spider Pics
Photo gallery of spiders found in the Alice Springs area, Australia.
The World Spider Catalog by Norman I. Platnick
Detailed taxonomic information about the spider families.
Worldwide Database of Jumping Spiders: Salticidae
Dr. Heiko Metzner includes morphology, taxonomy, distribution, publications, descriptions and illustrations of a large number of species.
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