The true flies, including many familiar and economically important insects such as mosquitoes, black flies, midges, fruit flies, blow flies and house flies.
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Brisbane Flies
Information and pictures of flies in Brisbane, Australia.
Characteristics, phylogeny, and images from the Tree of Life project.
Diptera - Flies Are Cool
Photos and information on Diptera (true flies) and links to other entomological and parasitological sites.
Deals with all aspects of dipterology (the study of Diptera: flies and midges) and dipterists worldwide. Includes images and forums.
Diptera: Flies and Mosquitoes
The characteristics of these insects, their life cycle, feeding and habitat, with illustrations.
Flies in my Garden
Photographs and information about flies found in a garden in the Netherlands.
The Fly in Your Eye
Full text of a book by Jim Heath telling the story of the war between bush flies and dung beetles in Australia. Includes cartoons, facts, and drawings.
Fly Index
Index for flies; click on any fly for image, biology, habits, control methods.
The Fly Proboscis
Article by Mike Samworth describing this feature with a microscopic image of the mouthparts of Calliphora vomitoria.
Garden Safari: Introduction to Diptera
Photographs and information about flies and gnats in a garden in The Netherlands.
iStudy Flies
Observations, how flies affected the course of history, and pictures.
North American Dipterists Society
A variety of resources for scientists that study the insect order Diptera, true flies. Includes newsletters "Fly Times" and "Tachinid Times", Tachinidae resources.
Phantom Midges, Phantom Crane Flies
Article by Louise Kulzer about phantom midges (Chaoboridae) and phantom crane flies (Ptychopteridae) in the Seattle, Washington area.
Tsetse Fly
Information from Wikipedia on this large biting fly in the genus Glossina, its biology, morphology and systematics, and the disease it can carry, trypanosomiasis or sleeping sickness.

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