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Amateur Entomologist
Butterfly and moth specimens for exchange, butterfly picture galleries, entomological expedition to French Guyana, butterfly preservation, and links. In English and French.
Publication for butterfly, moth, and dragonfly enthusiasts in the British Isles. Insect migration, conservation, and field techniques are central themes.
Bill Hark's Lepidoptera Photos
Photos of butterflies and moths from Virginia and elsewhere.
Butterflies and Moths
Notes on the biology and ecology of butterflies and moths, with some photographs by Jeroen Voogd.
Butterflies and Moths of North America
A guide to the Lepidoptera of the United States and northern Mexico, including a photographic identification guide, county checklists, and distribution maps.
Butterflies and Moths of the World
Searchable database of generic names and type species. From The Natural History Museum, London.
Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of the French Antilles
Photographs of specimens and notes on biology and distribution of the macrolepidoptera of Martinique, Guadeloupe and their dependencies.
Caterpillar Hostplants Database
This is a Natural History Museum project to create a searchable database of information linking caterpillars to their host plants.
Caterpillars: Especially Australian Ones
Images and descriptions of the biology, behavior, and life histories of over 2000 Australian Lepidoptera species. Includes over 600 caterpillar photos.
Database of Illinois Lepidoptera
Lists of county records for each species and species recorded in each county. From the Illinois State Museum.
European Butterflies and Moths
Photo gallery of butterflies and moths sorted by English name, scientific name, family, or country. In Polish, English, and German.
Furman University Lepidoptera Collection
Gallery of images of scanned specimens.
Galaxy of Images: Butterflies and Moths
Provides images from the printed books and manuscripts in the collections of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries.
Lepidoptera of Southern Vancouver Island
Photographs and text of 191 species by Jeremy Tatum.
Lepidoptera Resources
Lists of butterfly and moth books and stamps; links.
Photographs and information about almost all of the common species of butterflies in Georgia, USA with some photos of butterflies and moths from around the world.
Lepidoptera: Moths and Butterflies
The characteristics of these insects, their life cycle, feeding and habitat, with illustrations.
LepIndex - Global Lepidoptera Names Index
An online, updated version of The Natural History Museum's card index archive to the scientific names of the living and fossil butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera) of the world.
Markku Savela's Lepidoptera
Taxonomic tree including common and scientific names, publication details, references, links, general range maps, and some images.
Moths and Butterflies of Europe
A large photo gallery of European moths and butterflies, including larvae and pupae.
Order Lepidoptera
Taxonomy and species accounts of moths and butterflies from the Animal Diversity Web.
Oz's Insect World
Information about the butterflies of Israel and Saturnids of the World. Includes photos of specimens and some Israeli Coleoptera.
Photographs of over 80 species of butterflies and moths from around the world.
Russian Lepidoptera
Information on hundreds of species of butterflies occurring in the former USSR, including type locality, synonyms, range, distribution and variation, taxonomic notes, habitat and biology, similar species, and photos of museum specimens.
The UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme
This scheme is monitoring changes in the abundance of British butterflies and has produced important insights into almost all aspects of butterfly ecology.

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