Ambystoma is the only genus in the Ambystomatidae family, the mole salamanders.
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Ambystoma andersoni
Photograph of Anderson's salamander, found in one lake in Mexico.
Ambystoma annulatum
Several photographs of the ringed salamander.
Ambystoma annulatum (Ringed Salamander)
Physical traits, distribution, habitat, life history, and conservation status. Includes a photo.
Ambystoma annulatum (Ringed Salamander)
Photo, range, habitat, physical appearance, reproduction, behavior, and diet.
Ambystoma barbouri
Several photographs of the streamside salamander.
Ambystoma bishopi
Several photographs of the reticulated flatwoods salamander.
Ambystoma californiense (California Tiger Salamander)
Physical appearance, range, habitat, breeding, and conservation status. With a photo.
Ambystoma californiense (California Tiger Salamander)
Describes the habitat, range, physical traits, reproduction, behavior, and food habits of this species. Provides an image.
Ambystoma californiese
Photographs and information on the California tiger salamander.
Ambystoma cingulatum (Flatwoods Salamander)
Photo and species account, including facts on distribution, habitat, and life history.
Ambystoma cingulatum (Flatwoods Salamander)
Physical description, range, habitat, and life history. Provides a photo.
Ambystoma gracile (Northwestern Salamander)
Detailed fact sheet includes image and range map.
Ambystoma gracile (Northwestern Salamander)
Description of physical traits and facts on range, habitat, and life history. Image included.
Ambystoma laterale (Blue Spotted Salamander)
Physical characteristics, behavior, ecology, and reproduction. Includes an image and range map.
Ambystoma mabeei
Several photographs of Mabee's salamander.
Ambystoma macrodactylum (Long-toed Salamander)
Describes characteristics of three subspecies. Includes facts on distribution, behavior, and ecology.
Ambystoma maculatum
Several photographs of the spotted salamander.
Ambystoma maculatum (Spotted Salamander)
Features images and a brief description.
Ambystoma maculatum (Yellow Spotted Salamander)
Describes physical features, behavior, and ecology of this species. Includes an image and range map.
Ambystoma maculatum: The Spotted Salamander
Student project with classification, habitat, adaptation, diet, reproduction and interactions with other species.
Ambystoma mavortium and Ambystoma tigrinum
Photographs and information on these tiger salamanders.
Ambystoma mexicanum: Mexican Axolotl
Research project by Britni Osuldsen on this salamander including its classification, habitat, reproduction and adaptations.
Ambystoma opacum (Marbled Salamander)
Photos and brief description, including information on distinguishing from similar species.
Ambystoma opacum (Marbled Salamander)
Fact sheet includes information on habitat, reproduction, and behavior. Images provided.
Ambystoma talpoideum (Mole Salamander)
Provides photos and describes the polymorphic life cycle of this species.
Ambystoma texanum (Small-mouthed Salamander)
Detailed species account includes photos and taxonomy chart.
Ambystoma texanum (Smallmouth Salamander)
Physical features, behavior, ecology, and life history. Includes a photo.
Ambystoma tigrinum
Student project on the tiger salamander including classification, habitat, adaptation, nutrition, reproduction and interactions with other species.
Information on this family of mole salamanders, with descriptions and photographs of many species.
Information from Wikipedia on this neotenic mole salamander, Ambystoma mexicanum, which fails to complete its metamorphosis but remains permanently in its larval state.
Biology of Axolotls
Provides information on the anatomy and reproduction of these salamanders, with clear annotated diagrams.
Mole Salamander: Ambystoma talpoideum
Photo, description and biology.
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