The Molluscs are a large phylum of about 100,000 species. They are characterised by the shell and the mantle that secretes it, the radula which is a peculiar file-like feeding structure, and the moluscan gills. The phylum includes, as well as certain primitive groups, the Bivalves which include the cockle and mussel, the Cephalopods which include the cuttlefish, squid and octopus, and the Gastropods which include the limpet, whelk, snails and slugs.
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Alabama Mollusks
Overview of endangered, common, and exotic freshwater and marine bivalves and gastropods.
Barton Beds: Gastropods, Scaphopod, Cephalopod
Photographs of the fossil shells of molluscs from the UK.
Catalogue of Mediterranean Seashells
Listing of major taxa in the region in all molluscan classes with line drawings of some species.
Check List of European Marine Mollusca
This site provides a searchable database that allows the user to search for taxonomic references by taxon, geographical locality, author or keyword.
Freshwater Molluscan Shells
Martin Kohl supplies a gallery and extensive systematic information about freshwater gastropods and bivalves.
Galaxy of Images: Shells and Mollusks
Provides images from the printed books and manuscripts in the collections of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries.
An Identification Manual for the Freshwater Snails of Florida
Provides a key to the freshwater bivalves and gastropods of the south east US.
Keys to the Mollusks of the Hawaiian Islands
Identification guide to Hawaiian bivalves and gastropods.
Life on Australian Seashores: Molluscs
A useful guide to Australian marine molluscs, providing for each species a description and details of distribution, habitat and biology.
Information from the Tree of Life Project about mollusk systematics with references and links.
Mollusks of San Salvador, Bahamas
Photos of representatives of the major families of bivalves and gastropods.
Mollusks: Phylum Mollusca
A diverse group of animals that include cephalopods (squid, octopuses, cuttlefish), gastropods (nudibranchs, snails, slugs, limpets, sea hares) and bivalves (mussels, clams, oysters, scallops).
The Phylum Mollusca
Introduction to these organisms, with photographs and information on the various classes and their biology.
Phylum Mollusca
Information about mollusks from the Animal Diversity Web.
Seashells of New South Wales
A guide to the sea shells of New South Wales, Australia, with high quality images and detailed information.

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