The phylum Rotifera comprises about 1800 species. Al the members are aquatic and are less than 1 millimetre in length. They are strange-looking organisms with lobes, bulges and cilia.
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Photographic study by Wim van Egmond of this colonial rotifer.
Digital Video Gallery: Pond Life
Includes multiple videos of 10 genera of Rotifera, along with many species of Protozoans, Algae, and other organisms.
The Fascinating World of Rotifers
Article by Jean-Marie Cavanihac on these creatures with many photographs, some of them animated.
Photographic study by Martin Mach of this tube-dwelling rotifer
Fresh Water Rotifers
Provides an introduction to rotifers with photomicrographs of bdelloid rotifers.
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Photographs of a rotifer and her eggs being predated by protozoa.
An Interactive Rotifer
Information on the sessile rotifer Collotheca with an interesting mouse-over image.
Article by Ken Jones and Maurice Smith on the feeding mechanisms of various rotifers, and of the pleasure of observing these and other organisms under the microscope.
Keratella Rotifers
Photographs, bibliographic information and technical details about genus Keratella.
Life in a Drop of Water
Article by Mike Morgan in Micscape magazine on rotifers, with several photographs of British specimens.
Microbe Movie Stars: The Rotifer Brachionus
Animated gif of this small, multicellular organism, with an explanation of the function of the features seen.
Microbe Movie Stars: The Rotifer Limnias
Animated gif of this small, multicellular organism, with an explanation of the function of the features seen.
Observing a Rotifer Birth
A lucky amateur microscopist captured the birth of a rotifer on film!
The Rotifer Jaw: Brachionus
Photographic article on the constituent parts of the jaws of this species.
Lots of great rotifer pictures and references.
Photographs and references from the Tree of Life Web Project.
Rotifera in Bromeliad Phytotelmata
List and description of rotifers associated with bromeliads in Jamaica.
Stunning photographs and descriptions of rotifers by Wim van Egmond.
Rotifers and How to Find Them
Roy Winsby's article from Micscape Magazine.
Rotifers: The Wheel Animalcules
Introduction to this phylum from UCMP Berkeley.
Trehalose and Suspended Animation
Article by Hugo Baillie-Johnson on a mechanism adopted by some creatures to enable them to withstand severe conditions such as dessication, with a series of illustratory images.
Video Gallery: A Rotifer Sequence
Photographic study by Dave Walker of the fascinating Collotheca specimen he found when looking for something else.
Welcome to the Wonderfully Weird World of Rotifers
Article by Richard L. Howey introducing these organisms with a gallery of fine images.
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