Archive of Ball Lightning Reports
A large collection of stories submitted by eyewitnesses. Add your own report.
Ball Lightning
Lots of articles and links, including "how to make your own ball lightning".
Ball Lightning
Wikipedia article about the phenomenon.
Ball Lightning and Metastable Substance
Devoted to investigations and experimental modeling of the ball lightning and some related phenomena.
Far News: Ball Lightning Experiments Produce UFOs
Two researchers in a lab in New Zealand say their experiment may explain enigmatic weather phenomena such as ball lightning.
Gradually About All
The images on ball lightning modeling are presented. The material will be updated gradually in accordance with deriving new experimental effects.
Irving Langmuir's Ball Lightning Tube
Description of an old experiment to produce ball lightning in the laboratory.
New Lead for Fireball Riddle
A BBC news article on New Zealand scientists who believe that ball lightning is little more than burning soil fragments that have been kicked up into the air.
Physics : Great Balls of What?
An article from
Skeptoid: Ball Lightning
Discussion of the scientific explanations for this phenomenon.
Smoke Rings and the Plasma
Beginning with an interesting comparison of the physiology of a smoke ring and ball lightning, leading to the development of a device to create ball lightning, this site continues with several well-presented accounts of the phenomenon.
Theory of Ball Lightning
Storm News article: "A Theory of Ball Lightning as an Electric Discharge" by Dr. John J. Lowke.
Tornadoes and Ball Lightning
A Edward Lewis paper, with the discussion of ball lightning as plasmoids.
Does Ball Lightning Really Exist?
Reviews the evidence and witness accounts of ball lightning. (September 17, 2004)

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