Dinosaurs were a focus of interest for people for hundreds of years before the release of "Jurassic Park." These fascinating Mesozoic reptiles were one of the first fossil groups to have a major presence on the internet, and the number of dinosaur websites grows every day. This category contains a wide variety of dinosaur websites, from children's art sites to highly technical taxonomic sites.
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All About Dinosaurs
Learn about dinosaurs, dinosaur extremes, how dinosaurs are named, and dinosaur myths. Includes print out dinosaur information pages.
Australian Mesozoic Marine Reptiles
Dann Pigdon provides information on plesiosaurs, pliosaurs and ichthyosaurs from Down Under.
The Court of Bambiraptor feinbergi
A selection of photographs of dinosaur exhibits at the Graves Museum, Dania, Florida.
Dinosaur George
Dinosaur George is an actor, writer and public speaker with 30 years of experience in dinosaur research, study and excavation.
Dinosaur Origin and Extinction
Origin of dinosaurs and birds, categories of dinosaurs, extinction of dinosaurs.
Dinosaur Safari
Take a stroll through the Unnatural Museum's dinosaur related articles.
The Dinosauria
Extensive information about the dinosaurs from the University of California Museum of Paleontology.
Dinosaurs: Facts and Fiction
Information from the U.S. Geological Survey.
Geotimes: A Dinosaur's Wasted Legacy
Article about a study by Katherine McCarville, a geology Ph.D. candidate at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.
The Hairy Museum of Natural History
Dinosaur blog, galleries, library and links.
Lords of the Land
Provides a virtual tour of the dinosaur exhibits at the Royal Tyrrell Museum at Alberta, Canada.
Megalania Dinosaur Pages
Larry Dunn's collection of paleontology links and other material.
Mongolian Dinosaurs
Exhibition of Mongolian dinosaurs at the Paleontological Institute in Moscow.
National Dinosaur Museum
Provides information on the exhibits at this museum in Canberra, Australia, the school programs, holiday activities, parties and publications.
Web published article with ideas and art about dinosaurs.
The UnMuseum: Dinosaur Safari
Provides a number of articles on dinosaur-related topics.
The World of Dinosaurs
Dinosaur blog with illustrations and information on a number of species.

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