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AP Climate Pool
Official Facebook hub for a global discussion on the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, provided and managed by leading news agencies all over the world. Includes notes, climate information, discussions, photos and Twitter feed.
BBC News: Copenhagen Summit 2009
Full news coverage of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP15) held in Copenhagen, Denmark, from December 7-18, 2009. Includes lead-up activities by the governments of various countries. UK.
The Economist - Getting Warmer
Special report on climate change and the carbon economy by Emma Duncan. Includes related articles and websites, and audio interview with the author. UK.
Google Earth - COP15
Downloadable tours show climate, land, water and usage changes over the years.
The Guardian - Copenhagen Climate Change Conference 2009
News, analysis and commentary of COP15 with interactive guide, Q&A, jargon buster, key players, video and audio.
RFI - Climate Summit Copenhagen
Reports, analysis and background about COP15 with summit preview, interviews, Q&A, audio, Focus on France, and reports from sources around the world. France.
SourceWatch - COP15
Encyclopedia article about the conference along with background data and links to additional articles and resources.
Spiegel Online - Climate Countdown
News coverage of COP15 includes photo galleries, flash map and related articles from Spiegel and other news sources. Germany.
Sydney Morning Herald - Copenhagen 2009
News, analysis and commentary on COP15 including the conference agenda, main players, Australia's position, conference form guide, photos, multimedia and interactives. Australia.
The Times of India - Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change
Collected coverage of COP15 includes news, blogs, analysis and commentary along with photos and videos. India.
Twitter - COP15
Official site provides brief reports about what's happening at the climate change conference.
Wikipedia - United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article provides a very brief overview of the conference and the participants.
YouTube - Cop15 Channel
Official channel for COP15, the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in 2009, inviting videos from the public.

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