Microscopes that image the surface by scanning the object usually with a sharp tip and piezoelectric feedback. Category includes but is not limited to Scanning Tunneling Microscopes (STM), Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM),Scanning Force Microscopes (SFM)and Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopes (SNOM).
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Accurion, LLC
Providers of SPM, AFM, imaging ellipsometers, Brewster angle microscopes, and active vibration isolation instruments.
Advanced Surface Microscopy
Lab specializing in SPM, AFM, MFM Supplies AFMs, nm-scale calibration standards, AFM probes, and related products.
Advanced Technologies Center
Development and production of scanning probe microscopes and software, scientific research in nanotechnology.
Provides automated scanning probe microscopes, combined confocal Raman / AFM systems, probes and accessories.
Applied NanoStructures
Manufacturer and supplier of SPM probes, custom AFM probes, cantilevers, membranes and nanopores.
Asylum Research
Company provides innovative SPM and AFM instrumentation for nanoscience and nanotechnology.
A full service analytical laboratory for the outsourcing of AFM and other surface analytical techniques.
Supplying the Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) community with AFM probes and calibration standards. World-wide distribution network as well as an online store.
Carbon Design Innovations, Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of probes with carbon nanotube tips for atomic force microscopes.
Copenhagen Applied Research
Supplier of microscopic electrical conductivity probes and systems.
Danish Micro Engineering
Manufactures optical and atomic force scanning microscopes, stages, and controllers.
Digital Instruments
Manufacturers SPM, AFM, STM, and SFM. Site offers a comprehensive electron microscopy image collection, application notes and related resources.
DME: Scanning Probe Microscopes
Manufacturer and supplier of AFM, STM, SNOM and customized scanning probe microscopes.
Company manufacturing transmission electron microscopes and scanning electron microscopes for research, industry, semiconductor, data storage and biology.
Indigo Scientific Ltd.
Complete microscopy imaging solutions including digital cameras, flat screens, confocal microscopy, AFM and computers
UK manufacturer of advanced, high speed scanning probe microscopes and add-on accessories.
JPK Instruments AG
Developer and manufacturer of scanning probe microscopes, optical tweezers systems and other nanobiotools. Located in Germany.
Klocke Nanotechnik
Manufacturer of nanorobotics for any kind of SEM, FIB, microanalysis and microproduction system. Describes the systems which are available in various levels of complexity, the SEM/TEM/FIB equipment and the scanning probe microscopy system.
Cantilevers and calibration gratings for SPM. Also provides conductive and magnetic coatings for tips.
Nano Scan Technology
Manufacturer of a range of scanning probe microscopes, atomic force microscopes and ultramicrotomes. In Russian and English.
NanoAndMore GmbH
European distributor of SPM/AFM Equipment and consumables.
Nanonics Imaging, Ltd.
Manufacturers of SPM, AFM, NSOM, SNOM and Confocal systems and associated products.
Nanoscience Instruments
Provides scanning probe microscopes, accessories, and probes
A Swiss based high-tech company providing atomic force microscopes and scanning tunneling microscopes to customers around the globe.
NanoWorld AG
Swiss company that provides silicon and silicon nitride cantilevers and probes for SPM and AFM
Novascan Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer of AFMs, AFM accessories and custom microfabricated and chemically modified probes for AFMs.
Russian company that provides a scanning probe microscope and related accessories.
Provides instrumentation and consulting for measurement of surface roughness, waviness and shape; layer thickness and optical properties ranging from the sub-nanometer to the cm scales.
Park Systems
Manufacturer of a complete range of AFM solutions for imaging and measurement needs in research and industry.
RHK Technology
Manufactures scanning probe microscopes and accessories for research. Quantitative SPM solutions for UHV, liquid, and controlled environment. Also provide easyScan AFMs for industrial environments.
Schaefer Technology
European distributor of AFM's, STM's, AFM probes and accessories.
Team Nanotec
German company that provides afm probe tips and silicon mems components.
Windsor Scientific
Provides electrochemical, metrological and analytical equipment - scanning probe microscopes, accessories, and probes.
Manufacturer of modular designed SNOM, AFM, Confocal Raman Microscopes and Pulsed Force Mode AFM.
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