Circular and linear devices used to produce high-energy high-speed beams of charged particles, such as electrons, protons, or heavy ions. Used for research in high-energy and nuclear physics, radiation research, medical and some industrial applications. This category is designed for sites providing information on specific accelerator operating facilities ( not Research Centers or Experiments ). It will also include links for education, publications and news, software, and equipment and service providers.
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AccelSoft Inc.
Markets and distributes software used for the design, simulation and performance analysis of particle accelerators. Includes product overviews, operating system information, and system requirements.
Argonne Wakefield Accelerator: AWA
Features an overview and plans of the facilities including linac, elecron gun, and control system. Includes publication archives and an animation of the dielectric transformer.
Collider-Accelerator Department
Responsible for the operation of a suite of accelerators used for experiments by Brookhaven National Laboratory. Features links to the individual accelerators with diagrams, photographs, and tours.
Cornell Electron Positron Storage Ring - CESR
Electron-positron collider with a circumference of 768 meters. Features information on the accelerator, synchrotron, and storage ring. Includes operation methods, diagrams and MPEG clips.
Cyclotron Institute
Conduct basic research and educate students in accelerator based science and technology. Features a range of data and diagrams on the K500 cyclotron facility, publications, and research.
Dortmund Electron Test Accelerator - DELTA
Provides a range of information on the facility at the University of Dortmund. Includes data on the superconducting asymmetric wiggler and the first free electron laser experiment.
Electron Accelerator ELSA
ELSA Electron Stretcher and Accelerator, Physics Institute, Bonn University
The Infancy of Particle Accelerators
Features the life and work of Rolf Wideröe authored by Pedro Waloschek. Full text with illustrations in HTML format.
JP Accelerator Works Inc
Design, develop and service linear accelerators and their associated technology. Includes an overview of products and services, links to affiliated companies, and a section on how linear accelerators work.
Lawrence and the Cyclotron
Biography of Ernest Orland Lawrence, from the AIP Center for History of Physics which describes Lawrence's development of the cyclotron.
Particle Accelerators
Offers a brief history and basic descriptions of linear accelerators, cyclotrons, and synchrotrons.
Principles of Charged Particle Acceleration
Digital version of the book by Stanley Humphries, Jr. Available for free download in zip or pdf format.
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center - SLAC
Design, construct and operate electron accelerators and related experimental facilities for use in high-energy physics and synchrotron radiation research. Includes publications, education, and facility tours.
Tandem Van de Graaff Accelerator Facility
Heavy ion accelerator providing a range of ion species for cosmic ray simulation, single event upset testing and ion irradiation and implantation. Includes examples of the type of work that is done at the facility.
U.S. Particle Accelerator School
Provides educational programs in the field of beams and their associated accelerator technologies. Includes programs, curriculum, and participating Universities.
University of Maryland Electron Ring
UMER is a world-class research facility in beam and accelerator physics at the Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics. A scaled low-energy electron beam is used at a much lower cost than larger and more energetic machines.
World's Largest Particle Accelerator - CERN
Features an aerial view and a slide show of the facilities, an interactive tour of the accelerators, and the scientists and their ideas.

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