Current Quantum Mechanics (QM) describes experiments well, physicist nevertheless disagree about physical meaning of the fundamental concepts of QM. This disagreement started with Einstein-Bohr debate and spawned several different interpretation of the same basic equations.

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Collapse Theories
Survey of the dynamical reduction program; from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy by Giancarlo Ghirardi.
The Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
First interpretation of quantum mechanics due to Niels Bohr
Directing the strokes of Ockham's razor
Skeptic (may be flippant but short) overview of the Interpretations
Discussions with Einstein on Epistemological Problems in Atomic Physics
Report by Niels Bohr of his discussions with Albert Einstein over many years on the epistemological implications of quantum theory.
Einstein's Method: A Fresh Approach to Quantum Mechanics and Relativity
A book adopting Socratic method to the ontological questions in quantum mechanics and relativity.
The Everett Interpretation FAQ
A set of frequently asked questions on Everett's many worlds approach to quantum mechanics
Everett's Relative-State Formulation of Quantum Mechanics
Describes Everett's attempt to solve the measurement problem by dropping the collapse dynamics from the standard von Neumann-Dirac theory of quantum mechanics. From the Stanford Encyclopedia.
Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
John Bell and Bohmian QM
Heisenberg's Physics and Philosophy
History of QM and Copenhagen Interpretation
The Kochen-Specker Theorem
From the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy by Carsten Held.
Mangled Worlds Quantum Mechanics
Describes a variation on the many worlds interpretation in which the Born probability rule can be derived via finite world counting.
The Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
Interpretation of quantum mechanics due to Hugh Everett according to which many universes exist in parallel at the same space and time.
Measurement in quantum mechanics FAQ
Lucid description of existing Interpretations and their problems, accessible to general public.
Measurement in Quantum Theory
Collapse of the wave function, role of the observer in QM; From the Stanford Encyclopedia, by Henry Krips.
Quantum Dreams Page
Papers and collections of thoughts on informational or Bayesian interpretions of quantum states by Christopher Fuchs.
Relational Quantum Mechanics
An interpretation of quantum theory which discards the notions of absolute state of a system, absolute value of its physical quantities, or absolute event; from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy by Federico Laudisa and Carlo Rovelli.
Multiverses and Blackberries
The overview of many world theories by Martin Gardner published by Skeptical Inquirer. (September 01, 2001)
Against Many Worlds Interpretation
A paper by A. Kent with a critical review of the literature on many-worlds interpretations. (March 31, 1997)
The Ithaca Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
A paper by N. David Mermin presenting criteria for a 'good' interpretation of quantum mechanics. (September 17, 1996)
A Survey on Bohmian Mechanics
Bohmian mechanics is the most obvious embedding of Schrodinger's equation into a completely coherent physical theory. (April 12, 1995)
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