Bitcoin is a virtual currency which uses a distributed database on top of a peer-to-peer network which keeps a journal of all transactions. Strong cryptography prevents double spending and fraud. Due to the decentralized topology of the network, no central authority, governmental or otherwise can interfere with the exchange of bitcoins.

Bitcoin may also be called a cryptocurrency, first described by Wei Dai on the cypherpunks mailing list in 1998.
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Bitcoin Foundation
Created with the mission to standardize, protect and promote Bitcoin. Offers information about the foundation, the board, its governance; and how to become a member.
Bitcoin Project
Official site offering documentation, forums and the open source client software which permits to send and receive bitcoins.
Arnhem Bitcoin City
Aims to increase acceptance of Bitcoin as a means of payment at local merchants in Arnhem. List of particpating merchants, statistics. [Dutch, English, German]
Bitcoin Block Explorer
Provides detailed information about blocks, addresses, and transactions created by Bitcoin.
Bitcoin Charts
Provides financial and technical data related to the network.
Bitcoin Monitor
Visualizes the activities on the network: transactions, recording and tamper-proofing the history of events and exchanges with other currencies taking place.
News and information portal about Bitcoin. Includes a forum.
Bitcoinity Markets
Offers a succinct and graphical overview of the price of Bitcoins and market depth on the major Bitcoin exchanges.
Bitcoins For Charity
Lists major charities accepting Bitcoins, their Bitcoin donation address and the possibility to mine for them directly from your browser.
Interactive live charts of the major Bitcoin markets.
Presents information from the blockchain, and other bitcoin related statistics, such as pool statistics. Also offers an online wallet.
Gent Bitcoin City
Promotes the use of Bitcoins with merchants in Ghent. List of participants, and statistics. [Dutch, English]

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