The Austrian School is a school of economic thought which rejects mainstream economists' reliance on methods used in natural science for the study of human action and relationships through logic (or praxeology). Named the Austrian school because it started and was for many years centered in Hapsburg Vienna.
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Ludwig von Mises Institute
Probably the most active Austrian institution today. It has a large range of useful links for the study of Austrian economics, including a large number of working papers, access to the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics and the Austrian Economic Review, a large number of classic Austrian e-texts, a comprehensive and themed study guide and information about seminars and scholars conferences. It even has a quiz to see whether you are an Austrian economist.
Austrian Capital Theory - Future of Macroeconomics
A paper from Roger Garrison exploring the difference between the Austrian School with Keynesianism and monetarism and predicting that the Austrian School will be taken more seriously in the future.
Austrian Economics
Entry from The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics by Deborah L. Walker.
Austrian School
An article from the open source encyclopedia, Wikipedia.
Austrian School of Economics
An essay arguing that the "Austrian School is a classic example of crank science."
The Historical Setting of the Austrian School of Economics
An e-book that lays down the environment and achievements of the early Austrian economists. By the distinguished Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises
Review of Austrian Economics
Magazine focussing on Economic problems from an Austrian perspective, featuring student work.
Society for the Development of Austrian Economics
Sponsors panels, meetings, a journal, and numerous prizes.
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