The internet is a great tutor.Many people use the web to learn a new a language and it is very effective.Many sites have pronunciation sound files by native speakers some use interactive multimedia.
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Arab Academy
The Arab Academy, based in Egypt, presents online Arabic Language courses and tests for children and adults. Courses in Modern Standard Arabic, Colloquial Arabic, Business Arabic, Quran, Hadith, and Sirah.
Arabic 4 Fun - A Multimedia Learning Experience
Online introduction, with soundfiles, to the Arabic alphabet and basic vocabulary.
Arabic Alphabet Tutorial
Arabic reading course with audio files containing 21 lessons covering the basics of the Arabic alphabet including Arabic letters, vowels and rules of pronunciation.
Arabic Course from
Online courses on both modern classical and modern colloquial Arabic.
Arabic Thematic Vocabulary
Offers Arabic language thematic vocabulary, as well as a virtual keyboard.
BABEL: Arabic
A free course for beginners.
Fun with Arabic
Online Arabic course using an entertaining interactive approach. It teaches the alphabet, grammar, word formation and short phrases.
Gulf Arabic
Basic lessons on everyday usage of Gulf Arabic, including grammatical explanations and sound files to aid pronunciation.
Learn Arabic - Grammar and Vocabulary
Offers lessons in learning Arabic with audio in topics such as adjectives adverbs articles nouns numbers phrases verbs and Vocabulary.
Learn Arabic Online
Offers instruction in the Arabic language with videos, phrases and alphabet. Includes greetings and useful words and sentences in Arabic.
Learn Arabic Online with Natural Arabic
Regularly updated commercial course teaching mainly media Arabic through parallel texts. Free samples.
Speak Moroccan
Contains resources about Moroccan Arabic dialect, with a list of vocabulary and grammar as well as a forum to discuss subjects related to the Moroccan dialect.
Syrian Colloquial Arabic Course
Comprehensive downloadable language textbook and soundfiles, featuring real situations and conversations. Usable for self-study or as a textbook. Fully indexed.
UKIndia - Learn to Read Arabic
Online introduction to the Arabic writing system.
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