Surveys of human populations and institutions are common in political polling and government, health, social science and marketing research. This category is for sites about the methodology used in such surveying.
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American Association of Public Opinion Resources
Provides guides, standards, definitions, recommended and condemned practices for public policy survey data collection.
Provides sampling and related services exclusively to survey research professionals.
California Survey Research Services, Inc.
CSRS specializes in data collection and data processing for complex research projects. Telephone surveys, mail surveys, internet surveys. CATI interviewing. Bi-lingual interviewing.
CESSDA -- Council of European Social Science Data Archive
Promotes the acquisition, archiving and distribution of electronic data for social science teaching and research in Europe.
A software package that allows survey researchers to increase the expressiveness and longevity of the data collected through standards based metadata documentation.
Computer-assisted Survey Execution System (CASES)
Software package for collecting survey data based on structured questionnaires, using telephone or face-to-face interviewing, web surveys or self-administered procedures.
CPIP -- Eagleton's Center for Public Interest Polling
Also known as the Eagleton Poll, was established in 1971 with the primary mission of serving the state of New Jersey.
Guide to Questionnaires and Surveys
Categorized articles about problems in data collection and survey methodology.
The Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) provides access to an extensive collection of downloadable data. While some data is only available to individuals from member institutions, an extensive collection of criminal justice data, election data, and data from the General Social Surveys is available to the public from this site.
The Joint Program in Survey Methodology (JPSM)
A graduate degree program teaching state-of-the-art principles and practices in the design, conduct, analysis and evaluation of sample surveys. JPSM, sponsored primarily by the Interagency Council on Statistical Policy, is a consortium of the University of Maryland, the University of Michigan and Westat. The primary goal of JPSM is to educate the next generation of technical leaders of the survey profession. 
MIPO -- Marist Institute for Public Opinion
provides educational opportunities for students and information on elections, policy, and popular issues for the public.
NORC--The National Opinion Research Center
Conducts survey research in the public interest for government agencies, educational institutions, private foundations, non-profit organizations, and private corporations.
The Odum Institute
The organization maintains an archive of computer-readable social science data. Includes searchable and downloadable catalogs, database of opinion polls, vital statistics for North Carolina, and related resources.
The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
Roper Center is the largest library of public opinion data in the world. The Center's mission focuses on data preservation and access, education, and research on public opinion.
Survey Questionnaire Archive
Open collection of survey questionnaires used in social sciences and public policy making. This digital collection allows users to browse, search, store and share survey instruments over the web.
Provides tools, services, resources, and training for conducting surveys, with a focus on measuring satisfaction.
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