Parapsychology is the branch of psychology which attempts to scientifically study anomalous phenomena such as alleged psychic powers, UFO sightings, alien abduction experiences, haunting or possession experiences, etc. One does not have to take a position on the objective reality of such alleged phenomena to be a parapsychologist. Indeed, although admittedly there are very few tenured parapsychology researchers in the world, some of them think that there is no convincing evidence for any (or hardly any) of these "paranormal" phenomena; some state that the evidence for, say, remote viewing, is very compelling; and some parapsychologists prefer not to be drawn on their true beliefs, simply saying "We must investigate these phenomena without either dismissing them out of hand as non-existent, nor necessarily taking them at face value". There is thus a certain amount of overlap with the Society: Paranormal category and the Science: Anomalies and Alternative Science category, but this category is restricted specifically to scientific investigations (that is, investigations using a recognizably scientific and rationalist methodology) of the paranormal and other presently-inexplicable anomalies involving the human mind.
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American Society for Psychical Research
Founded in 1885, the ASPR supports the scientific investigation of extraordinary, or yet unexplained phenomena that have been called psychic or paranormal.
ASSMPI Spirit and Science Journal
Researches life after death by studying mediumship and spirit healing. Includes photographs of the editorial team and peer-reviewed cases.
Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research, Inc
Based in Sydney, New South Wales. Publishes a peer-reviewed journal twice a year with back issues available. Offers certification courses. Listed are past events and information about their publications.
International Academy of Conscientiology
Non-profit research and educational organization that studies out-of-body experience (OBE), bioenergy, paranormal phenomena, and consciousness development.
Koestler Parapsychology Unit
Department of Psychology, University of Edinburgh. Information and online experiments.
Mind Energy
A blog covering parapsychology, psi research, ESP, healing and alternative medicine.
Parapsychological Association
Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Parapsychology Foundation
A not-for-profit grant-making foundation which provides a support for the scientific investigation of psychic phenomena. Provides information about the organization, publications, grants, and news.
Psychic Science
Free online educational-entertainment resources for parapsychology, psychical research and mind magic.
Psyleron, Inc.
The research and products of a company that studies the mind's ability to impact the world.
Research Articles on Spirituality
Studies the relationship between spirituality and paranormal phenomena.
Rhine Research Center
Promotes research and investigation of paranormal science. Actively seeking accounts of paranormal or psychic experiences.
The Scole Experiment
Paranormal activity investigated over a five year period and considered to be genuine by the UK's Society for Psychical Research. Includes a collection of articles and papers penned by SPR members and a selection of perspectives by participants. The book is also offered for sale.
Sean Harribance Institute for Parapsychology Research
Scientific reports, biography and predictions from the psychic Sean Harribance.
Society for Psychical Research
Founded to advance the understanding of events and abilities commonly described as 'psychic' or 'paranormal'. Membership details, journal, research directory, notices, conferences, and contact information.
Southeastern Institute of Parapsychology
Investigations and research on the paranormal. Includes articles and theories on ghosts, hauntings, psychic abilities, and offers certification awards.
Stephan A. Schwartz
Magazine articles, research papers, and interview transcripts.
The Windbridge Institute
Also researches life after death and animal consciousness. Includes peer-reviewed research papers, books and conference presentations.
The Paranormal: the Evidence and its Implications for Consciousness
Article by Jessica Utts and Brian D. Josephson discussing the evidence for paranormal remote viewing. (April 05, 1996)

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