A lucid dream is a dream in which the sleeper is aware that she or he is dreaming.
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Bird's Lucid Dreaming Website
Lucid dreaming tips, techniques, book reviews, induction devices, links, message board, and public research.
Conscious Dreaming
Instructional site to learn about lucid dreaming - provides articles, ecourse and resurces.
Dream Views
Provides information about lucid dreaming, controlling dreams, sleep stages, dream recall, and dream signs.
Explorers of the Lucid Dream World
Documentary that examines the scientific, psychological, and spiritual aspects of lucid dreaming. 3D animation, motion graphics, and formal interview. Trailer available.
How to Lucid
Provides free lessons, ebooks list, articles and a faq.
How to lucid dream
Introduction to the subject matter, techniques, faq and a blog.
I Am Lucid Dreaming
Providing free web based tools to help you achieve lucid dreams, together with detailed articles and forums.
Lars' Lucid Dreaming FAQ
Covers all the usual aspects of lucid dreaming.
Lucid Ability
Articles helping one to improve the lucid dreaming.
Lucid Advice
Market books by Robert Waggoner,
The Lucid Crossroads
Covers learning lucid dreaming, techniques, types of lucid dreams, astral projection, and sleep paralysis. Also includes an ongoing study on sharing dreams and unique content on Lucid Dojo - performing martial arts while lucid.
The Lucid Dream Exchange
A reader supported, quarterly publication that features lucid dreams and articles on lucid dreaming. Readers are encouraged to share their lucid dreaming stories.
Lucid Dream School
Offers various resources for the study of lucid dreams/dreaming.
Lucid Dreaming 4 All
Provides various articles, forum, chat, and a store.
Lucid Dreaming Center
Provides information, advice and support for those who want to explore lucid dreaming. It is designed for both the novice and experienced lucid dreamer, and offers services from coaching and teaching to general support and guidance.
Lucid Dreaming Tips and Techniques
Offers various articles on lucid dreaming and resources.
Lucid Dreaming Wikipedia
Definitions, techniques, associated phenomenon, a history of the topic and some popular culture references. Wikipedia content.
Lucid Dreaming-Lucid Living
A collection or articles and papers by Beverly D'Urso, Ph.D.
Lucid Weaver
Free lucid dreaming training tool for Java mobile phones. It works by giving timed sound cues during REM-periods to induce lucidity and improve dream recall.
Lucidity Blog
Writings, links and articles by lucid dreamers about experiences, thoughts and observations. Special focus on Lucid Dreaming and popular culture.
The Lucidity Institute
Resources on the topic, quotes and an extended faq.
Mortal Mist
An online community dedicated to the art, discipline and promotion of lucid dreaming. Includes a forum.
World of Lucid Dreaming
Offers articles on the art of conscious dream control, including many useful product reviews.

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