This category is open to anything that is related to Emotional Intelligence (preferably with a scientific base). You'll find commercial sites (companies with an EQ offering), schools, sites with articles, some academic sites, etc.
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7 lessons in Emotional Intelligence
Home of the 7EQ News, a FREE e-zine. Series of articles for a large audience on Emotional Intelligence. [Dutch, French and English]
Academy of Self-Knowledge
A California non-profit educational organization, offering a curriculum that includes transformational education and transformational meditation, in teaching individuals how to access accurate knowledge of the SELF.
Alexithymia Depot
Individuals with alexithymia have difficulty recognizing emotional states as they are happening. This site offers a detailed description of alexithymia, further Internet resources and books.
Applied Emotional Mastery
Offering practical information on Emotional Intelligence and implementing it in everyday life. With articles and information, offering coaching and training services to businesses, schools and individuals.
Collaborative Growth
Offers seminars, individual coaching and consulting services to help organizations achieve strategic behavior alignment by bringing their values, intentions and behaviors into sync.
Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations
Information and cutting-edge research related to emotional intelligence in the workplace. Visitors can download the latest research findings and access reference materials related to emotional intelligence in organizations.
Crescendo Inc
An expert delivery of emotional intelligence training, certification and online assessment, including: EQ-i and EQ 360.
Dattner Consulting: Succeeding with Emotional Intelligence
A presentation about the history of emotional intelligence, why it matters, what its components are, how it's measured, and recommendations about how to improve it [PDF]
EBPsych: Evidence Based Psychology
Provides specialized consulting services, training, and products in the areas of emotional intelligence, executive coaching, leadership, and organizational psychology research - the knowledge and resources necessary to create excellence.
EI Source
Links to books, articles and presentations about emotional intelligence.
Emotional Intelligence At Work
Discover the practical applications of Emotional Intelligence. License the EQ At Work method and materials - learning activities, assessments, learning aids and support for self-study, training, and coaching. For personal and professional use.
Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
We focus on individual transformation and Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and the way in which people work with each other. This involves our use of leading research in Emotional Intelligence, and related fields.
EQ Edge
Describes a book by Steven Stein, Ph.D. 'The EQ Edge' is one of the few books that not only clearly defines what emotional intelligence is and how it differs from IQ, but also tells readers what practical steps they can take to enhance their emotional intelligence quotient.
EQ Information
Practical information on emotional intelligence. Critiques of Daniel Goleman's model of EI, and of EI tests. Also has information on emotions, emotional abuse and teen suicide.
The EQ Site
Providing effective, proven EQ-based training and seminars. Includes articles, books and video clips from international EQ trainer, motivational speaker, executive coach and author Stephanie Vermeulen.
EQ University
Provider of emotional intelligence assessment, training and development.
Essi Systems - EQ Map Online
Creators of the EQ Map, the first statistically validated map for emotional intelligence in the workplace, now available online.
Foresight New Zealand
Individual coaching and mentoring services, profiling, optimism, resilience, sales training and development. Global provider of SASQ, DISC, Caliper, ESSI Stress Mastery and EQ Maps.
Institute of HeartMath
Heart intelligence tools and techniques, adapted to the specific needs of children during times of crisis or unexpected change.
Kids EQ
A resource center for building emotional literacy in the family, free information and free books from Enchante Innertainment.
Lynn Leadership Group
Trust, Emotional Intelligence and leadership are the hallmarks of success. Lynn Leadership Group works with companies to provide both strategic and tactical methods including coaching, mentoring, and leadership development that deliver high performance.
Penumbra Group Inc.
Emotional Intelligence training, coaching, assessments and video training products.
People Intelligence
The website for Maureen Bowes - facilitator in applied emotional intelligence for personal and team development.
Review of 'Emotional Intelligence'
A critical review, by Kevin Langdon, of Daniel Goleman's book 'Emotional Intelligence'.
Seven Rocks Consulting
Workshops held in Mallorca, Spain, which use emotional intelligence to develop the art of natural leadership in industry. Site includes art gallery
Six Seconds EQ Network
A nonprofit organization supporting EQ in schools, businesses, and families around the world. Training, resources, articles, and conferences on practical applications of emotional intelligence.
Street Smarts
Helps you choose an appropriate emotional response; e.g. bullying - if you don't 'actively engage' with the attacker, they lose twice.
Offers online assessments such as appraisal, quickbook, and an interviewing guide.
Wings for Kids
A South Carolina non-profit educational organization helping children develop social and emotional intelligence through fresh and fun after school programs.
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