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Electronic Journal of Sociology
Refereed e-journal of scholarly research that makes an original contribution to the advancement of sociological knowledge.
Africa Journal
Published quarterly by the International African Institute, this journal contains articles and reviews on African issues in the humanities, social sciences and environmental sciences.
American Journal of Economics and Sociology
Encourages interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. Quarterly, (mostly) peer-reviewed. Tables of content and abstracts available on-line for recent volumes.
American Journal of Sociology
Peer-reviewed, bi-monthly. Tables of contents available on-line.
The American Sociologist
Three issues per year, peer-reviewed. ToC and abstracts available on-line.
Brooklyn Journal of Social Semiotics Research
E-Journal edited at and published by the Department of Sociology, Brooklyn College, CUNY, USA
Cepaos Review
Interdisciplinary e-journal on human development, cultural-historical psychology, education and culture, arts.
Critical Sociology
Journal committed to publishing scholarship from a Marxist, post-Marxist, feminist and other critical perspectives. Current editorial policy is to encourage scholarship that seeks to understand contemporary capitalist society.
Cultural Dynamics
Interdisciplinary journal with work from cultural and social anthropology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, communication studies and any other areas that shed light on socio-cultural phenomena. Quarterly, peer-reviewed. Tables of contents and abstracts available on-line.
Cultural Sociology
Journal explicitly to be dedicated to the sociological comprehension of cultural matters.
Cultural Studies
Peer-reviewed, quarterly. Tables of content available on-line. Abstracts and full articles available by subscription.
Current Research in Social Psychology
Peer reviewed electronic journal edited at the Center for the Study of Group Processes at the University of Iowa.
Economic and Social Review
Leading Irish economic and applied social science journal. Peer-reviewed, three issues per year. Tables of content, abstracts, and papers available on-line.
Economic Sociology
Newsletter on economic sociology. Peer-reviewed, three issues a year. Tables of contents and articles available on-line.
Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies
Social scientific studies of contemporary Japanese society, economy, politics and culture. Peer-reviewed. Table of contents and articles will be available on-line.
Emotion Review
Peer reviewed. Features table of contents, editorial board, submission guidelines and contact information.
Essex Human Rights Review
Annual, peer-reviewed. Contemporary human rights issues, primarily in the areas of law, political science, sociology, and philosophy, covering both the academic and the practical aspects of human rights. Particularly welcomes submissions that focus on the following topics: Implementing the right to health; from the rules of war to the rule of law? Iraq at the crossroads; the rule of law in Central Asia and the former Soviet Union.
European Journal of Sociology
The journal publishes articles of broad interdisciplinary scope in historical and comparative sociology with a strongly international perspective and special attention to the processes of change in Eastern Europe, as well as to the various expressions of ethnicity and nationalism. Three times a year.
European Sociological Review
Peer-reviewed, quarterly. Tables of Content, abstracts and some papers available on-line.
facettes - a collage of first hand experiences
facettes is a site interested in the variety of first-hand experiences of everyday life, to be included in a monthly online journal.
Florida Atlantic Comparative Studies Journal
Peer reviewed journal dedicated to the promotion of scholarly work in the social sciences and humanities. FACS encourages scholarship that bridges two or more academic disciplines.
FQS - Forum: Qualitative Social Research
FQS is a peer-reviewed, multilingual online journal for qualitative research in the social sciences published three times a year. Tables of content, abstracts (English, German, Spanish) and articles available on-line.
History and Theory
Articles, monographs, book reviews, summaries,and bibliographies principally in four areas: theories of history, narrativism, historical method, and related disciplines. Peer-reviewed, quarterly. Tables of content and some abstracts available on-line.
Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research
Offers past and current issues, aim and scope, editorial board and contact information.
International Journal of Comparative Sociology
Presents a detailed and scholarly account of studies made in different cultures and societies, with the aim of reaching a common level of abstraction. 5 issues per year. Includes table of content and list of abstracts available online.
International Journal of Mass Emergencies & Disasters
Published by the International Sociological Association. Focuses on the social and behavioral aspects of relatively sudden collective stress situations typically referred to as disasters or mass emergencies.
International Journal of the Sociology of Law
An interdisciplinary forum for high quality research and debate on social context and social implications of law, law-enforcement, and legal process. Quarterly. Tables of content, abstracts, and articles available on-line.
International Review of Sociology - Revue Internationale de Sociologie
3 issues per year. Tables of content available on-line. Abstracts and full articles by subscription.
International Studies in Sociology of Education
Four issues a year, peer-reviewed journal publishing papers on the sociology of education which critically engage with theoretical and empirical issues. Tables of content, abstracts and some articles available on-line.
j - spot: Journal of Social and Political Thought
Academic journal of social theory, politics and culture.
Journal of Social Intervention
Features table of contents, editors, news and contact information.
Journal of Social Structure
Electronic journal of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA), designed to facilitate timely dissemination of state-of-the-art results in the interdisciplinary research area of social structure. Occasional, peer-reviewed. Tables of content, abstracts and articles available on-line.
Journal of World-Systems Research
Recent and past issues, information about editorial policy, boards and staff.
Journal of modern culture and society. Quarterly. Tables of content, abstracts and articles available on-line.
Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences
Publication of the Mediterranean Center of Social and Educational Research, double blind peer-reviewed.
International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research. Focuses on philosophy of language and mind, and social system theory. Annual with varying themes. Tables of contents and some papers available on-line.
Public Opinion Quarterly
Interdisciplinary journal for studies of the role of communication research, current public opinion, as well as the theories and methods underlying opinion research. Sponsored by the American Association for Public Opinion Research. Browsable archives available.
The Qualitative Report
Peer-reviewed e-journal devoted to discussion of qualitative, critical, action, and collaborative inquiry and research.
Qualitative Sociology
Current research based on the qualitative interpretation of social life. Each issue offers a broad spectrum of articles dealing with theory, fieldwork and ethnography, historical and comparative analyses, photographic studies, and qualitative analysis of quantitative data. Peer-reviewed, quarterly. Tables of content and abstracts available on-line. Full articles by subscription.
Qualitative Sociology Review
Open-access, international, scientific journal based on qualitative research methodology. Tables of content, abstracts and full text available on-line.
Rationality and Society
Peer-reviewed. Offers table of contents, editorial board, submission guidelines and contact information.
Religion provides a regular survey of current work in major and specific areas of enquiry. Its swift reviewing and crossing of traditional frontiers to encompass such related studies as psychology and archaeology combine to make it a valued point of reference for a growing readership. Quarterly. Tables of content, abstracts, and articles available on-line.
Resiliency In Action
Books, speakers and contacts.
Rural Society Journal
Peer-reviewed. Features tables of contents, abstracts and some articles available on-line.
Rural Sociological Society: Rural Sociology
Offers editors listing, content, submission guidelines and contact information.
Science & Technology Studies
Interdisciplinary Journal for Science and Technology Studies. Peer-reviewed, bi-annual. Full article content available online.
Settler Colonial Studies
Features peer reviewed biannual journal offering reflection and critical scholarship on settler colonialism as a distinct social and historical formation. Offers submission details, current and archival content and contact information.
Social Networks
Studies of the structure of human relations and associations that may be expressed in network form. Journal of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA). Peer-reviewed, quarterly. Tables of contents and abstracts available on-line.
Social Problems
Official journal, Society for the Study of Social Problems. Peer-reviewed, quarterly, tables of content available on-line.
Social Science History
The official journal of the Social Science History Association
Social Science Research
Publishes papers devoted to quantitative social science research and methodology. The journal features articles that illustrate the use of quantitative methods in the empirical solution of substantive problems, and emphasizes those concerned with issues or methods that cut across traditional disciplinary lines. Quarterly. Tables of contents, abstracts, and articles available on-line.
Social Text
Covers social and cultural phenomena. Focuses on gender, sexuality, race, and the environment, publishing key works by influential social and cultural theorists. Includes debates on postcolonialism, postmodernism, and popular culture.
Society of Sociologists of Montenegro: Sociološka luča
Peer reviewed. Presents editorial board, archives, links and contact information.
Sociological Methods and Research
Offers table of contents, editorial board, instructions for authors and contact information.
Sociological Perspectives
Knowledge about social processes and are related to economic, political, anthropological and historical issues. Official journal of the Pacific Sociological Association. Peer-reviewed, quarterly. Tables of contents and some abstracts available on-line.
Sociological Quarterly
Sociological Quarterly features articles with an interpretive social science emphasis that include experimental narrative and ethnographic cultural studies. Official journal of the Midwest Sociological Society. Peer-reviewed. Tables of contents available on-line.
Sociological Research Online
Theoretical, empirical and methodological discussions which engage with current political, cultural and intellectual topics and debates. Quarterly, refereed e-journal.
Sociological Spectrum
Official journal of the Mid-South Sociological Association. Publishes peer-reviewed manuscripts six times per year. Tables of contents and abstracts available on-line.
SocioSite: Electronic Journals and Magazines
An annotated collection of electronic social science journals and magazines.
South Atlantic Quarterly
Covers the beat, center and fringe, with bold analyses of the current scene--national, cultural, intellectual--worldwide. Vanguard centenarian journal tackles embattled states, evaluating postmodernity's influential writers and intellectuals.
Southern Rural Sociology
Official journal of the Southern Rural Sociological Association. Peer-reviewed, annual. Tables of content available on-line.
Strategic Organization
Peer reviewed. Features table of contents, editorial board, submission guidelines and contact information.
Theory and Science
Discussion of theory, science and social change. Peer-reviewed. Index, tables of content and articles available on-line.
Thesis Eleven
The journal is international and interdisciplinary with a central focus on theories of society, culture, and politics and the understanding of modernity. Peer-reviewed, quarterly. Index by author and subject available on-line.

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