This category lists sites from companies, institutions or individuals, which offer software programs for the geotechnical industries only.
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12d Solutions Pty Ltd.
Integrated terrain modeling and civil works software package used in surveying, land subdivisions, drainage, earth moving, landscape design, mapping and mining applications.
ADAMA Engineering, Inc
USA. Developers of software for geotechnical engineering. Programs for the design of grid reinforced slopes, block and earth walls, and geotubing. Product brochures on PDF files. Requires Acrobat Reader.
Data Surge Corp
USA. Developers of geotechnical software applications for professional engineers and geotechnical engineering students. On-line, limited versions of programs.
Deep Excavation LLC
Developers of integrated advanced software programs for deep excavations and geotechnical applications including cost estimation. Extensive technical information and demo's. Links to related sites.
Environmental Modeling Research Laboratory
Environmental modeling software specializing in ground water, watershed, and surface water modeling.
Fine, Ltd
Czech Republic. Developers of software for civil engineering and geotechnical analyses. Extensive technical information and FAQ. Links to related sites. English and Czech.
Geo & Soft International
Geotechnical software for rock mechanics, soil mechanics, hydrogeology, geophysics and geology. English, Italian and Spanish.
GEO-SLOPE International Ltd.
CAD software for geotechnical and geo-environmental modelling
Geo-Tec series
Programs dedicated to geotechnical field analysis, penetrometric tests and slope verification. For Windows and Macintosh
GEO5 Geotechnical Software
Provides a geotechnical software suite that features 20+ programs for retaining walls, settlement, slope stability, tunnel, digital terrain modeling, foundation and sheeting design.
Geocomp Corp
USA. Developers of software and hardware data acquisition systems for acquiring, manipulating and reporting of test data in soils laboratories, and automated systems for the control of all phases of geotechnical testing. Links to related sites.
Geotechnical engineering software for soil liquefaction assessment, vibroreplacement design and CPT data presentation and interpretation. Technical information. On-line demo downloads. Library of freeware.
UK. Developers and distributors of geotechnical analysis and design software for retaining and gravity walls, slope stability and reinforced soils. Password protected download area.
Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Software Directory
A directory of programs, software publishers and suppliers in the fields of geotechnical, geoenvironmental and environmental engineering; hydrogeology, geology, geoscience, data analysis and data visualisation.
Geotextile and Geosynthetics Calculation Programs
Computer programs for the design of soil filtration and slope reinforcement, including selection of appropriate geotextiles and geosynthetics. In Zip format. Provided by T.C. Mirafi.
GWP Software, Inc
Developers of a slurry consolidation program which determines the rate and magnitude of consolidation of soil slurries such as mine tailings, deltaic deposits, and other soft soils, for application in mine planning, harbour rehabilitation, and tailings planning disciplines. Technical information and demo.
Borehole logging, geotechnical and geoenvironmental data management software.
Geotechnical stability analysis software for problems of almost any type including combined problems simultaneously involving slope stability, retaining walls, footings and tunnels.
Details of software for land surveyors, civil engineers and GIS professionals.
O. Hungr Geotechnical Research, Inc
Windows-based microcomputer program for geotechnical slope stability analysis in two or three dimensions.
Oasys Software
32-bit Windows programs for flexible retaining wall, soil movement and geotechnical finite element analysis.
Slope Stability Analysis Software
Software program for the general solution of slope stability problems, featuring the analysis of reinforced soil slopes with geosynthetics, nailing and tiebacks. Developed by the School of Civil Engineering in the Purdue University, USA.
SoilVision Systems, Ltd
Developers of one-, two- and three-dimensional CAD software for geotechnical and geo-environmental modeling. Extensive technical information. Animated on-line tutorials and live training.
TAGAsoft, Ltd
USA. Developers of software programs for slope stability, consolidation, finite elements, seismatic analysis, pile groups and foundation design. Articles and bookstore. On-line calculators.
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