A Tesla coil is a type of resonant transformer circuit invented by Nikola Tesla about 1891. It is used to produce high voltage, low current, high frequency alternating electric current. This categor lists sites that contain information, pictures, schematics, helpful construction details and other information about Tesla Coils.
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Tesla Secondary Simulation Project
Provides information on this project to investigate the physics of Tesla secondary resonators. Includes information on progress and some preliminary conclusions.
Adam's Tesla Coil
A medium sized Tesla coil project, photos and constructional details.
Alan Sharp's Tesla Coil
Hints and tips for building Tesla Coils. The site also includes unrelated links.
Bart's High Voltage Lab
Contains theory, downloads, photos, and book sections.
Herb's Tesla Coil Page
Tesla Coil page, projects, theory, design and construction.
High Tension Effects
Provides information on building a Tesla coil, ranging from a small 4 inch to a 12 foot monster garden coil.
Kevin's Tesla Coil
Design and construction details of the largest amateur built Tesla Coil in existence.
Kurt`s Lightning Studio
Medium sized Tesla coil projects. Photo gallery, construction details and downloads. Also induction coil information.
Lightning On Demand
A collaboration of engineers, artists, and scientists to study natural electrical phenomena.
So What Exactly Is a Tesla Coil?
An explanation of the basic theory.
The Sparkling Tesla Coil
Impressive photos of the discharges of a Tesla Coil.
Stefans Tesla Coil
Tesla coil as a fascinating hobby. Safety, background, theory, how to build from scratch, system setup, description.
Stoneridge Engineering
Tesla coils and energy discharge experiments. Theoretical and practical information.
Tesla Coil Builders Of the UK. Excellent photo and video archives of their Teslathons going back to 1998.
Tesla Coil
Article from Wikipedia on this device used to produce high voltage, high frequency, alternating current electricity.
Tesla Coil Design
The site provides instructions and schematics for Tesla coil design, construction and operation.
Tesla Coil Mailing List
A moderated list which discusses tesla coil construction, operation, measurement and use. Example topics include sources of materials, opinions of commercial tesla coil kits, measurement of electrical fields, photography of coils, and construction techniques.
Tesla Coil Ring
Several hundred sites about Tesla Coils, construction, safety, hints, materials, and theory.
Tesla Downunder
The site includes artistic projects particularly with dramatic long exposure photographs of Tesla coil discharges.
Tesla Technology Books
The site presents a few books about Tesla coils and Tesla technology with the abstracts and links for ordering.
Teslacoils Built at Roffesoft
A collection of descriptions of tesla coils and other high-voltage equipment built for the fun of seeing large sparks.
Offers software to guide users through the design process and enable them to generate their own Tesla coil design.
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