Hydropower is energy obtained from flowing water. The most common source of hydropower is the dam however, it can be directly used as a mechanical force or a heat source or heat sink. In some regions (such as eastern Canada) "hydro" is a synonym for "electricity." Look for "electricity" in other categories.
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Bureau of Reclamation Hydropower Program
U.S. government agency. General information including the history of hydropower development, a glossary of terms, and major producers.
Cink Hydro Energy k.s.
Describes small-scale hydroelectric technology (portable to 15 kilowatts, stationary from 50 kilowatts to 5 megawatts) utilizing new high efficiency (84%) cross-flow turbines, available from FINESA, Inc., Prague, Czech Republic.
Dam-Reservoir Impact & Information Archive: DRIIA
Information on dams, water diversions, impoundments, and hydroelectric projects, their impacts, and related links.
Hydro Information Systems Turbnpro Version 3 Software
Software for the selection of hydroelectric turbines. Determines preferred turbine size, type, and arrangement from site data. Predicts the performance and energy production for the site.
Hydro Research Foundation
U.S. organization that promotes hydropower by facilitating research and providing educational opportunities. Includes public information.
Lake Murray, Saluda River, Columbia, South Carolina Dam Re-Licensing
Resources for citizen involvement in the re-licensing of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Project 516.
Microhydro Web Portal
Information about run-of-the-river systems up to 300 kilowatts. Includes the microhydro discussion group, microhydro basics, and links.
National Hydropower Association
U.S. trade association. A comprehensive site containing policy information, relicensing information, and generally promoting industry interests.
Pico Hydro
Network specializing in very small hydro systems, up to 5 kilowatts. Includes articles, down loadable publications, and links.
Power Matters - Hydroelectric Power
Tennessee Valley Authority site with a description and diagram of a generic hydroelectric dam and a pumped storage facility.
Saint Lawrence FDR Power Project Relicensing
Description of the project, the relicensing process, and a newsletter about the relicensing process.
Turning to Hydropower
Site by the Foundation for Water and Energy Education. Promotes and provides extensive information about hydropower in the U.S. Northwest.
Water Wheel Factory
Reference and historical information, kits, pictures, and plans for water wheels and water turbines.

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