Solar power harnesses energy from the Sun. We obtain electrical energy from photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight. We obtain thermal energy from the sun either directly or indirectly through systems that collect the heat and transfer it to other things such as air or water. In the most formal sense “solar panel” refers to devices that harness thermal energy from the sun and transfer it to a medium such as air or water. Further, photovoltaic cells, solar cells, photovoltaic panels or PV panels refer to devices that convert sun light energy into electrical energy. However, you will often find common language references of both kinds of devices as “solar panels”. This category contains non-commercial, scientific and educational references to solar energy science and engineering (technology) and the advancement of using solar energy by mainstream society. Topics include solar electrical energy and solar thermal energy technologies.
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12 Volt Solar Panels
Provides reviews of solar battery chargers.
American Solar Energy Society
Web site has information on membership and publications, as well as policy statements on topics related to renewable energy and electric utility restructuring.
Arizona Solar Center
A comprehensive site that explores various solar technologies and their uses in Arizona. Includes topical papers, news, events calendar, directory of products and services, FAQ and educational materials.
Daystar: The Four Mile Island Solar Home
A tour of an existing solar home with an emphasis on the experience of solar living . This site has lots of information about solar home construction, renewable energy systems and the environment.
Ecosystems Mission
Aims to develop, promote and market methodologies, technologies, and products that conserve natural resources and advance our planet towards sustainability through the use of solar energy.
EnviroMission Limited
Sponsors of the project to build a large-scale (200-MW) solar thermal power station based on a 1-km-tall solar tower. Information about solar tower technology and the project under way in Australia.
European Association for Solar Energy
Non-partisan independent organization that is independent of industry, political institutions promoting solar energy by conducting conferences and awarding prizes. [English, German]
Florida Solar Energy Center
Research, training programs, and information about photovoltaic technology, other solar applications, energy-efficient building strategies, and related topics.
Global Warming Solutions
Offers information about energy conservation using solar energy.
JC Solar House Plans and Solar Collectors
Includes a lot of information about solar energy panels, solar hot water, and solar collectors.
Living on Solar
Personal account of living in an all solar home. Includes a blog and videos showing a home made solar tracking device.
National Solar Power Research Institute, Inc.
Informative articles and project reports concerning solar power and related issues. Studies of both Earth-based and space-based solar power.
SoDa Service for Industry and Research
Information and databases on solar radiation and energy, including calculators for determining parameters needed for a variety of scientific and industrial design problems.
Solar Cells Info
Provides information and news on cells technology. Includes weblog, press reports and data on dye sensitized cells.
Solar Energy Industries Association - SEIA
The US trade association for solar energy and related businesses. Focused particularly on expanding domestic and international markets, and advocating for appropriate state and federal policies.
Solar Energy News
Blog covering solar energy news, solar power products and the politics of alternative energy and a sustainable future.
Solar Investment Renewable Energy Blog
Provides a reference for anybody in the renewable energy industry with a desire to know how the introduction of feed-in tariffs will effect investment and a focal point for green issues.
The Solar Living Institute
A non-profit organization dedicated to environmental education at the Solar Living Center. Featuring workshops and interactive demonstrations in renewable energy and sustainable technologies.
Solar Power Rocks
Blog on solar energy with descriptions and comparisons of state incentives, pending legislation and new solar technology.
Solarware's Solar-Power-Simulation
Increased power-output of terrestrial solar-power systems by optimized generator directing, sun's path and shade analysis.
Alliance of laboratories from different countries in the field of solar concentrating systems. Includes project information.
Special Materials Research and Technology, Inc.
A small business that focuses research on the wet chemical growth of oxides used in microelectronics and photonics (optoelectronics).
Sun Juiced
Provides information on switching to solar power for homes and businesses, with details of many types of solar device for the home, office or automobile.
Sun Pirate Inc.
Offers online training courses in photovoltaics and solar thermal.
A Slight Chill In The Air
Christian Science Monitor article on trends in U.S. solar power use. Solar electricity and thermal technologies are improving, but the market is cool. (May 23, 2002)

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