This category is primarily for education. It lists sites with information about the science, application, and production of supplies and equipment for solar electric (photovoltaic) systems. It is limited to non-commercial sites, and some commercial sites with good base of information. For retail, manufacturers, wholesale etc., see the appropriate category.
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AltE University
Educational articles, online seminars (webinars), live seminars and calculators to learn about renewable energy, solar electric systems, solar thermal and wind power.
ENF Solar Directory
A directory of all photovoltaic manufacturing companies and installers in the world - including solar panels, cells, production equipment and components.
European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA)
Industry association devoted to the promotion of solar electricity. Includes objectives, news, technological aspects, publications, events and contact information.
Howstuffworks "How Solar Cells Work"
Solar cells use sunlight to produce electricity. But what happens on a cloudy day? Learn all about solar cells and what it would take to power your entire house with solar energy.
IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme
International Energy Agency has come up with this website full of facts, figures, contacts, and event descriptions on photovoltaic energy.
Providing country-specific expert solar energy facts to homeowners and commercial users, plus a tool to show every local solar panel installation company you can contact.
The International Solar Energy Society
The largest, oldest, and most comprehensive technical body dealing with the technology and implementation of renewable energy. Promotes research and advocacy on solar electric technologies.
Living off the Grid: What an Adventure, Having Fun with the Sun!
Personal account of moving to Northern New Mexico and learning to use solar energy.
Metcalfs' Solar Power and Light
Details about a home solar photovoltaic system in Glendale, California.
National Energy Foundation
Information about solar thermal, solar electricity, biomass, wind power, and hydropower
North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center
Some useful information on solar electric and other renewables.
Photovoltaics Special Research Centre, UNSW
Australian university showing information for prospective solar students.
PowerSat Corporation
Describes and promotes a concept of placing large solar cells in orbit and wirelessly transferring the energy to a receiving station on earth.
PV Education
A detailed educational site on solar technology.
Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF)
A non-profit organization which promotes, develops, and facilitates solar rural electrification and energy self-sufficiency in developing countries.
Solar Energy Facts
Facts and practical information on using solar energy at home.
Solar Facts
Information on solar electricity systems, what you need, how it works, latest developments, the global picture, news and list of manufacturers.
Solar Power Answers
Information on the design and application of stand-alone photovoltaic systems including system design calculators.
Solar Warrior Photovoltaic System
Information about Kenneth and Gabrielle Adelman's huge backyard system in Corralitos, California, and their struggle with the power company.
Independent and timely information on solar energy; including industry statistics, monthly solar product price surveys, technologies, and world wide listing of companies.
SRoeCo Solar
Simplistic information and tables on solar panels and tariffs.
Texas Solar Energy Society
Educational organization. Contains some information about solar electric. Has a K-12 renewables education area.
Think Solar Power
Introduction to the basics of solar power
UO SRML: Sun chart program
University of Oregon Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory. This program creates sun charts for: "typical" dates of each month
US Department of Energy: Sunshot Initiative
Information on the US government's PV Program.
Watson Solar House
Describing the experiences of a home owner getting a solar array. Includes data and insights.
Wikipedia: Photovoltaics
Free encyclopedia article about photovoltaic technology. Addresses development, power generation data and references.

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