Electric hybrids are vehicles (cars, trucks, scooters, etc.) that run on a combination of electric motors and gasoline. Hybrid vehicles contain batteries that store electric energy and an internal combustion engine that consumes gas.
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All Cars Electric
Car reviews, previews, photos and videos. Includes industry news and price quotes for various models.
California Car Company Initiative
A non-profit group promoting "plug-in hybrids" - hybrid gas/electric cars that have larger batteries and can be recharged at an outlet.
Chevrolet Volt Enthusiast's Forum
Dedicated forum, news source, and blog for the new General Motors (GM) Chevrolet Volt concept electric car.
Eltra Technology, Inc. Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Alternative fuel vehicle, this Hybrid Electric Vehicle from Eltra Tech is an electric car using true series hybrid drive system entered in the Progressive Automotive X-Prize Race.
The Department of Energy's fuel economy site gives gas mileage tips, gas price info, and a tool to compare fuel efficiency of hybrids and conventional cars. The "Fuel Economy Guide" provides the government view on reasons to be concerned about fuel economy.
Green Guide to Cars and Trucks
Ranks cars and trucks according to environmental friendliness. Using this consumer guide, buyers can compare cars, vans, pickups, and sport utility vehicles by their environmental impacts, including air pollution, global warming, and fuel efficiency.
GreenHybrid - Hybrid Cars
The interactive hybrid cars resource. Hybrid discussion forums, articles and tips, the Real Hybrid Mileage Database and hybrid car image gallery.
How Hybrid Cars Work
Detailed technical information on how hybrid vehicles operate.
Hybrid Car Guide
Provides hybrid car information and industry news for the curious or the enthusiasts, plus a fuel savings calculator.
Hybrid Car Information
Lots of information for consumers looking to become educated in the hybrid car market.
Information about hybrid vehicles, with daily news, blogs, and interactive tools, including a link that allows users to compare hybrid and non-hybrid vehicles, for gas consumption and emissions.
Plug In America
Information on electric and hybrid car technology. Political policy updates and resources to contact various stakeholders in the industry.
Union of Concerned Scientists - Clean Vehicle Program
Offers background information about various clean transportation technologies including hybrid gas-electric cars, fuel cells, and all-electric vehicles. Also find an analysis of the potential of hybrid cars, driver viewpoints, and a green car buying guide.
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