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AIM Satellite Mission
The science and outreach sites for NASA's planned AIM (Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere) mission, aimed at studying Polar Mesospheric Clouds (PMCs).
AMSAT AO-40, Phase 3-D
Satellite for all radio amateurs in the world.
BeppoSAX Mission
BeppoSAX is an X-ray astronomy satellite devoted to systematic, integrated and comprehensive studies of galactic and extragalactic X-ray sources.
Industry portal with variety of information and news on space systems and space companies in Europe.
Keplerian elements for most satellites in low-earth orbit. Also includes historical archives dating back to 1980 and information about satellite tracking.
How Stuff Works: Satellites
Simple 10-part tutorial description helps you understand how satellites work, what they contain and how they get into orbit.Basic level.
Satellite communications with Intelsat, a leading satellite service provider of voice, data, and Internet solutions.
List of Satellites in Geostationary Orbit
Provides details of the satellites in orbit around the equator, their names, longitude and launch dates.
Lloyd's Satellite Constellations
Information on Iridium, Teledesic, Globalstar, Orbcomm, ICO Global, Ellipso, Skybridge and other systems, as well as general information on satellites.
Matthias Lehmann
Provides satellite information, software and calculations, mainly for television, audio, video, intercom transmissions, link budget calculation and SNG. Written for SNG and radio technicians (amateurs).
SaVi satellite constellation visualization
Software to view the movement of multiple satellites in two and three dimensions. View Iridium, Teledesic and Globalstar on your desktop.
Space Systems for Astronomical Observation
Student project at the University of Michigan (Fall 99), comparing various systems for the advancement of astronomical observation, in order to determine the most beneficial path for future advancement.
Student Nitric Oxide Explorer
SNOE is a small scientific satellite that is measuring the effects of energy from the sun and from the magnetosphere on the density of nitric oxide in the Earth's upper atmosphere.
Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.
News and information about a UK small satellite manufacturer. Includes details of the company, its satellites, services and missions.
WorldSat International Inc.
A producer of satellite maps and posters, atlas of the world, earth globes, interactive cd-roms, and stock photography.
X-Ray Astronomy Satellite Suzaku (ASTRO-EII)
Provides project overview and data on this Japanese satellite launched on July 10, 2005.

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