This category includes sites that represent products in relation to "Ergonomics." Ergonomics is the science of designing objects to reduce discomfort and operator fatigue. Often the sites in this category will make health claims, but remember these are not reviewed and tested as health-related products would be. There is no equivalent to FDA approval in this domain.
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ARC Ergonomics
Products and assistive devices that reduce physical pain for workers in keyboard workstations, industrial work settings and other office environments.
Ask Ergo Works
Offers a large selection of office products in addition to workplace consulting and training.
DG Industries
Manufactures assembly equipment including automatic screw feeders and servers, and power tool accessories.
Manufacturer and seller of monitor arms, stands, mounts, and CPU holders.
Ergo Komfort
Offers products and accessories for computer user safety and comfort, disabilities, adaptive needs in homes and work places.
Sells keyboards, mice, track balls, and office accessories.
Ergonomic Computing
Sells back care and eye care products, along with office accessories.
Ergonomics Now
Australian company offers workplace training programs, focusing on prevention and recovery from computer related injury, along with office and computer accessories.
Sells office and computer products, and offers workshops and training world-wide.
Key Moves
Online training program that teaches correct computer workstation technique for the whole office, thus helping to reduce the likelihood of repetitive stress injuries.
Laptop Stands UK
Promoting healthy computing in organisation and compliancy with display screen equipment regulations.
Mono Europe Ltd.
Manufacturers of an adjustable-height footrest for the workstation.
Offers a wrist rest which may alleviate wrist pain problems by providing comfort, protection, and support.
My Ergo Pro
A subscription based assessment, symptom tracker, and program management solution for individuals and organizations.
Painless Gains
Software that instructs users in office safety, workstation set-up, and repetitive strain injury prevention.
Posture Perfection
Australian-owned manufacturer of kneeling chairs, stools, back supports, and assisted lift chairs.
Sells workstations, office furniture, products, and equipment.
Pro Band Sports Industries
Wraps for the knee, ankle, or forearm designed to help heal repetitive strain injuries.
Rehab Solutions
Sells adjustable keyboard trays, chairs, keyboards, mice, task lighting, and other office equipment designed for user comfort.
W2 Technologies
Supplies prescription and non-prescription safety eye glasses and soft kneepads and mats.
Supports that help microscope users achieve a neutral balanced posture of the neck, back, shoulders, forearms and wrists.
Working Concepts
Provides knee pad inserts, kneeling mats, and shock absorbing standing mats.
Workrite Ergonomics
Offers products and workspace accessories to promote healthy computing in the workplace.
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