Sites offering seeds, seed potatoes, and onion/garlic sets for sale online, targeted at home gardeners. General garden seed offerings and companies offering a mix of different kinds of seeds are found at the main level, specialized offerings in one of the sub-categories.
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2B Seeds
Sells flower, herb and vegetable seeds. Also offers gourmet jams. Includes a company profile, gardening tips, sowing charts, and newsletters.
Seed supplier in Colorado, specializing in alpine, arid-climate, and high-altitude perennials. Online catalog with germination instructions.
American Seed Company
Many kinds of grass seed, farm seed, pasture mixtures, fertilizer, lime, mulch, chemicals.
B & T World Seeds
An extensive seed catalogue, specialising in rare and exotic seeds, bulbs, and plants.
Barnhaven Primroses
Primulas, Auriculas, Polyanthus, and Sieboldii seeds from primrose specialists near St Sebastien in France. Gold-laced and other rare types.
Borghese Gardens
Seeds, seedlings and bulbs of rare and unusual trees, herbs, flowers, vegetables, and house plants.
Botanical Interests
Garden seed packet company offering heirloom, organic, untreated, and non-GMO vegetable, herb and flower seeds. Also a line of organic seeds.
Burpee Seeds and Plants
Seller of specialty seeds and gardening accessories.
Christie Farms
Provides information on Big Trefoil (Lotus) and offers seed for purchase.
Clyde Robin Seed Company
California grower of flower seeds, offering individual species as well as region- and purpose-specific seed mixtures.
Dowdeswell's Delphiniums
Cultivation information, photographs and the opportunity to buy seed for English hybrid type delphinums.
Earthly Goods
Purveyors of wildflower, herb and grass seeds and wildflower seed mixes. Customers can purchase seeds on-line or by mail. Free catalog available. Web site contains numerous photos, planting instructions and plant descriptions.
Eden Organic Nursery Services, Inc.
Seeds and supplies for the home gardener. A wide selection of seeds for medicinal plants, tobaccos, tropicals, vines, and hot peppers.
Enchanting Sweet Peas
California supplier of named varieties of annual sweet peas, as well as related supplies.
Environmental Seed Producers
Large scale distributor and producers of garden flower seeds, native grass seeds and native forbs. List of retail outlets for smaller buyers.
Fedco Seeds
A cooperative seed and garden supply company providing cold-hardy varieties in season, and gardening supplies year-round.
Florabunda Seeds
Canadian sellers of wildflower, cottage garden, heirloom and unusual varieties of flowering plants.
Flower Art and Soul
Offers bulk flower seeds, including hard to find varieties and native grasses.
Garden Innovations
Ships a variety of flower and grass seeds embedded in mulch mats. Includes instructional video.
Garden Makers
Offers unusual perennial and annual flower seed.
Global Seeds
Retailer of herb, flower and vegetable seeds.
Great Basin Seed
Specializes in seeds of grasses, wildflowers, native plants and shrubs suitable for home, garden, farm, ranch and reclamation applications in the US and Canada. Sells only in bulk quantities.
Over 2500 rare and exotic seeds from around the world. Africa, Asia, Australia, and rainforest seeds not usually available to the home gardener.
Harris Seeds
Markets vegetable and flower seeds as well as plants and growing supplies to gardeners and professional growers.
Henry Field's Seed and Nursery Co.
Sells seeds, perennials, live vegetable plants and trees.
Grows seeds of wild plants, weeds, pharmaceutical plants and other species, selling them globally.
Hometown Seeds
Offers packets of vegetable, herb, annual, and perennial seeds in home-owner quantities, as well as survival packages containing a wide assortment of seeds. Ships to US, Canada, and Mexico.
J.L. Hudson, Seedsman
Offers a wide selection of rare and uncommon seeds of all types, ornamentals, herbs, heirloom and O.P.vegetables, no Patented varieties.
J.W. Jung Seed Company
Offers seeds, bulbs, root stock, and trees.
Johnny's Selected Seeds
Offers vegetable, flower, and herb seeds, gardening tools and other garden supplies.
Johnsons Seeds
Seed retailer in the United Kingdom offers a varied range of flower, vegetable and herb seeds online, for shipping throughout Europe.
Kings Seeds
Vegetable (including organic), herb, and flower seeds. Strong selection of Sweet Peas. UK.
Magic Garden Seeds
Seeds of magical and medicinal significance, heirloom and unusual vegetables.
Maryland Nursery
Supplier of palm seeds, palm trees, flowers and ornamental plants.
MAS Seed Specialists
Wildflower seed, bulbs and plug plants. Amenity lawn seed and special agricultural mixtures.
New England Seed Company
Sells flower, herb and vegetable seeds to commercial and home growers.
Nicky's Seeds
Offers flower, herb, vegetable, and grass seeds, wildflower and conservation mixtures, as well as some garden sundries and games. Based in the UK.
Get information on growing poppies, view photos of beautiful poppy flowers and buy seeds from this website.
Owl's Acre
UK mail order business specializing in sweet peas and other lathyrus species, along with specialty primulas and a few other perennials. Ships worldwide.
Sells flower, vegetable, herb, and wildflower seeds in pictorial packets, to customers in Western Europe. Speciality products are Salvia splendens and Chinese vegetables.
Park Seed Company
Offers a selection of perennial, vegetable and herb seeds.
The Passion Flower Seed Company
Company holding the UK national collection of passiflora, including edible varieties. Ships seeds worldwide, as well as an assortment of books and gifts.
Phedar Nursery
UK supplier of hellebore and species peony seeds. Includes background information, references, and photos.
Pinetree Garden Seeds
Sells a selection of different flower, herb and vegetable seeds.
Plantation House
UK supplier of virus-free Havana and Virginia seeds for growing smokable tobacco plants.
Plantation Products Inc
Extensive selection of seeds for vegetables, annual and perennial flowers. Also growing information and other gardening supplies.
Pro Time Lawn Seed
Oregon suppliers of lawn grass seed as well as mixes of grasses and wildflowers for shade, sun and wetlands.
R.H. Shumway Seedsman
Vegetable, flower, herb, and grass seeds.
Ragan and Massey
Forage seed, professional turf seed and wildlife browse.
Seeds of rare flowering plants, alpines, aroids, bulbs, hardy palms, perennials, Canary Islands endemics, tropical fruits and container plants, succulents and xerophytes.
Supplier of seeds in small packages. Assortment includes trees suitable for bonsai, carnivorous plants, lily and daylily, and passionflower.
Reimer Seeds
Sells a large variety of vegetables, flowers, hot peppers, sweet peppers, and herb seeds.
Renee's Garden Seeds
Offers unique specialty heirloom and cottage garden flowers, gourmet vegetables and aromatic herb seeds.
Rispens Seeds
Supplier of garden plant and vegetable seeds.
Roger Parsons Sweet Peas
Specialist grower in the UK offers seed for sweet peas and other Lathyrus species. Catalog with photos of some varieties, printable order form.
S&S Seeds Inc.
Sells a range of seeds including turf grass, wildflower, shrub and trees.
Sand Mountain Herbs
Sells a variety of hard to find herb seeds. Each herb seed listed is medicinal in some form or fashion. Descriptions, prices, ordering and contact details.
Seed And Garden LLC
Sells a small assortment of seeds for trees and shrubs, vegetables, and vines, as well as some supplies.
Sells tobacco seeds for the home grower, as well as books on growing tobacco.
California gardener offers a variety of seeds, most of them uncommon and collected in her own garden. Many California natives, salvias, and other plants suitable for Mediterranean climates.
Lawn and turfgrass seeds, wildflowers, vegetables, wildlife seeds plus garden and lawn accessories.
Offers a collection of seeds from around the world.
Seeds from Italy
US source for Italian vegetable, herb and flower seeds from Franchi Sementi, S.A. of Italy.
Sheffields Seed Company
Suppliers of trees, shrubs, and flower propagative material.
Silver Falls Seed Company
Wildflower and seed for lawn and garden.
Silverhill Seeds and Books
South African source for a wide variety of seeds of plants indigenous to Southern Africa, from annuals, perennials, orchids, and bulbous plants to grasses, shrubs, and trees.
Solana Seeds
Quebec-based firm offers seed of unusual vegetables and vegetable cultivars as well as popular annual and perennial flower and herb seeds. Ships to US. [English/French]
Special Plants Nursery
English seller of unusual seeds for annuals, biennials and perennials, both hardy and tender.
Stokes Seeds
Distributes flower, vegetable, herb, and perennial seeds, to commercial growers and home gardeners.
Offers an extensive selection of cactus and succulent seeds, with particular specialization in lobivia and rebutia species. Online catalog, care instructions, photo gallery. Based in Sweden. [English, German, Swedish]
Summer Hill Seeds
Sells annuals, perennials, and vine seeds. Includes FAQ and a message board.
Swallowtail Garden Seeds
Offers annual, perennial, flowering vine, vegetable, flower and herb seeds.
T's Flowers
Seller of seeds for traditional annuals and perennials, as well as North American wildflowers and some live perennial plants.
Territorial Seed Company
Vegetable, herb, annual flower seeds, transplants and growing guides.
Texas Bluebonnet Seed Co.
Offering Texas bluebonnets, poppies, and clover seeds.
Thompson and Morgan Seeds
Has thousands of varieties of seeds for sale worldwide. Also Young Plants for sale to the UK.
The Tobacco Seed Company
UK based retailer of a range of tobacco seed. Includes advice about growing and curing tobacco, and about different varieties.
Vermont Bean
Bean and other vegetable, herb, and flower seeds.
Vesey's Seeds
Seeds for shorter seasons.
West Coast Seeds
Regional seed company featuring plants adapted for Canada's Pacific coast.
Whatcom Seed Company
Seeds for exotic, especially tropical, as well as black-flowered cultivars.

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