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Sites related to the issues surrounding Death and Dying.
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Provides scans of paperwork for deceased celebrities, including autopsy and coroner reports.
BellaOnline Life Clock
Online quiz yields estimated life span according to various factors.
Articles on how to deal with death and suicide, and how to communicate with others about serious illness.
Bruce Goddard
Funeral director from Reynolds, Georgia, available as a public speaker on the lighter side of being a small town undertaker.
Dead or Alive?
Lists famous people and whether they are dead or alive.
Death and Dying
A Buddhist insight to help people meet death with grace, clarity, and fearlessness. Includes text of prayers used for Buddhist funeral rite.
Death Cafe
A social franchise based on the concept of people gathering and talking about death whilst relaxing in an informal atmosphere. The objective is to help people make the most of their lives. Includes press coverage, future meet-ups, guides to organising an event, blog posts and art.
The Death Clock
Calculates the date of your demise by referencing statistics from the World Health Organisation. Also include a BMI calculator.
Death in Cyberspace
A social and cultural analysis of the development of funeral and mourning practices on the internet.
Death Timer
Lifespan calculator uses published global life expectancy statistics.
Death, Life and the Question of Identity
Explores the way identity is affected by the inevitability of death.
Death: Anytime coming soon
Thoughts on death from Osho, a mystic.
Dying on Blogger
Musings on reaching the end of life, hopefully some time in the far distant future, by a lady in her forties.
Encyclopedia of Death and Dying
Covers all aspects of death and dying - biological, medical, social, sociological, psychological, religious, and philosophical.
Epitaphs for Free
A collection by Nicholas Gordon.
Final Words Project
Examines the phenomenon of terminal lucidity and the last words of the dying. Offers a submission form for people to share their own experiences.
Find A Death
Directory detailing the life and death of many celebrities, including some photographs.

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