Service/assistance dogs are specially trained to assist people with disabilities both visible and invisible. Specialty service dogs are guide, hearing, and seizure alert dogs. Other service dogs are trained for mobility assistance, pulling wheelchairs, picking up and retrieving objects, opening doors, and turning lights on and off, among other things.
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4 Paws For Ability
Non-profit agency placing mobility, hearing, seizure, autism, and emotional assistance dogs with children and adults with disabilities. Includes a calendar of events, FAQ, and information about raising and donating puppies.
American Dog Trainers Network
From Arizona to Wisconsin, and internationally: a directory of organizations involved with guide dogs, hearing dogs, support dogs, search and rescue dogs.
Assistance Dogs Australia
A licenced charitable organisation in Australia that obtains, trains and maintains service dogs helping people with disabilities to achieve a greater level of independence.
Assistance Dogs International
Set up to promote standards of excellence in the training and supply of service, hearing and guide dogs. Explains the training procedures used with video downloads and FAQ.
Canine Assistants
Non-profit organization training and providing dogs to undertake a range of tasks, including opening doors and retrieving dropped objects. Includes donation details.
Canine Companions for Independence
Explains the training program, puppy raising and how to apply for a dog. Details of the areas covered and how to donate.
Canine Helpers for the Handicapped, Inc.
Non-profit organization that trains service dogs and offers a range of related information, articles and advice.
Canine Partners of the Rockies
Raises, trains and places service dogs with mobility limited Colorado residents and educates the public about the role assistance dogs play in the lives of people with disabilities.
Canine Support Teams
A California based non-profit organization that provides specially trained dogs to people with disabilities other than blindness. Includes clients stories, images and press details.
Canines for Disabled Kids
A national nonprofit organization based in Princeton, MA. that trains a variety of dogs to help children who are deaf or physically disabled.
Canines with a Cause
Working to treat war veterans by the use of highly trained therapy dogs. Site provides details of the dogs, how to adopt or get involved.
Circle Tail
Organization providing assistance dogs to people with disabilities and facility dogs to retirement centers. Information on the types, photographs of strays up for adoption, success stories, and location at Pleasant Plain, Ohio.
Companion and Service Dogs Ring
Webring for working and service dogs.
East Coast Assistance Dogs (ECAD)
Raises, trains, and places dogs with disabled individuals. Also works with emotional service dogs for facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes and for individual homes. Application, donation information, and a calendar of events.
Eye Dog Foundation for the Blind
Provides trained German Shepherd guide dogs to the blind and visually impaired. View puppy raising details with images and facts about the dogs. Based in Bakersfield, CA.
Fidos for Freedom, Inc.
Provides trained service, hearing, and therapy dogs to the Baltimore, Washington, community. Donation form, photos, and a donation wish list.
Freedom Service Dogs, Inc.
Rescues dogs from shelters and trains them to assist people with physical disabilities; places trained service dogs with disabled individuals. Located in Colorado.
International Association of Assistance Dog Partners
A non-profit, cross-disability organization representing people partnered with guide, hearing, and service dogs.
Non-profit organization dedicated to the training and placement of assistance dogs to individuals with disabilities. Has working teams and puppy raisers in several states. Includes information on programs and assistance dog etiquette. Washington, Kansas.
An organization that provides service and hearing dogs nationally.
New Horizons Service Dogs, Inc.
Non-profit Florida-based organization that partners trained dogs with disabled handlers.
Pacific Assistance Dogs Society
PADS is a non-profit organization that trains assistance dogs for people with disabilities other than blindness, e.g. mobility impaired, agility impaired, and hearing impaired.
Pilot Dogs Inc
Offers an overview of a guide dog supply organization founded 1950 with details of a four week owner training course prior to receiving a dog. Application forms, FAQ and details of the animals. Columbus, Ohio.
Power Paws Assistance Dogs
Dedicated to empowering people with disabilities for greater independence through the use of skilled service dogs, home helpmates, social dogs, and therapy dogs.
Service Dog Certification of America
Explains what a service dog is and the work involved, how to qualify for a dog and how to apply to certification within the US.
Service Dog Sponsor
Details of how to sponsor an individual service dog team with information, sponsorship forms and details of their work. U.S based.
Service Dog Trainers
Lists organizations and training schools in the United States.
Service Dogs
Mailing list for handlers of service dogs and any other interested persons involved with service dogs, including guide, hearing, assistance, and seizure/alert dogs.
Service Dogs and More
Information, education, and first-person experience with service dogs. Includes an email list and details of teamwork books.
Helping physically challenged adults and children gain independence and confidence with assistance dogs. Includes fostering and donation details. Australia.
Support Dogs, Inc.
Non-profit agency founded in 1981 and based in St. Louis Missouri. Trains and places service and therapy dogs. History, events, policies, programs, newsletters, and photos.
Texas Hearing and Service Dogs
Texas organization that trains and places service and hearing dogs. Links, FAQs, and information on their organization and others.
The United States Service Dog Registry
A free registration service and look up facility of service dogs throughout the USA. Includes an explanation of the types of service dogs and their work undertaken.
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