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Sites which offer software used to enter family data and create family trees.
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Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System, is free, open source, genealogy software. Gramps is programmed in Python using PyGTK. Available for Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X.
Agelong Tree
Windows-based. Allows building family trees, processing information about relatives and events in their lives.
Windows-based. Family tree shareware which features multi-page tree printouts.
Ancestral Quest
Windows-based. Features available include multimedia capabilities, advanced search and filtering and reads PAF files in directly.
Brother's Keeper
Windows-based shareware. Organize family history and print a variety of charts and reports.
Chronoplex Software
My Family Tree family history software. Available for Windows.
Family Historian
Windows-based. Family tree program offering complete diagram capabilities.
Family Origins
Windows-based genealogy program geared to users with large databases. Extensive reporting features.
Family Tree Builder (FTB)
Windows genealogy software to create family trees.
Family Tree Maker
Family tree software from, which creates charts and trees in a variety of formats. Available for Windows and Mac
The Family Tree of Family
Windows and Linux computer program designed to preserve the history and build a genealogical tree of the family.
Windows-based. Microsoft Access database program for documenting family history and generating a family tree web site.
Windows-based. Record relationships, display photos, store notes and data sources, and also saves charts as web pages and text files.
Windows-based. Record and share family and genealogical information. Document your family history.
Macintosh shareware for editing and viewing genealogy files. Features customizable user interface.
Genbox Family History
Windows-based. Manage family genealogy research and producing charts and reports. Output to image formats, RTF, HTML, and GEDCOM.
Macintosh shareware. Store family data, print family trees and pedigree charts, and create web pages from database.
Windows-based. Italian software for genealogy.
Edit and viewer your genealogy data. Programmed in Java.
GeneaPro Project
Coordination for GeneaPro software development. GeneaPro is open source, cross platform, genealogy software based on the GenTech data model. Java Based
Web based genealogy application developed in the PHP and the MySQL database. Works with GEDCOM files.
Web based Freeware with a Web interface which can be used off-line or as a Web service.
Windows-based. Create graphical family trees and genograms. Displays a complete graphical representation of the genealogy tree, both ancestor and descendants at once.
Windows-based family history program with tree charts, multiple databases, grouping and linking.
Window-based. Organize and review your family research.
Heritage Collector Suite
Windows-Based. Organize, find and label photos and family history files. Create and share slide shows on self-running CD/DVDs.
Web Based free, open-source and application in PHP for your website. Publish your genealogy on the internet.
Java-based version of LifeLines, an open source genealogy program. Available for UNIX, Linux and Windows.
Kith and Kin Pro
Windows-based. Store and document your family trees. SQL-based database. Exports and publish your family tree on the Internet.
Legacy Family Tree
Windows-based. Record your family history and produce reports and charts.
Free open source genealogy program. Available on UNIX, Linux, Windows and Mac.
My Family Tree
by HuhnWare. Windows-based genealogy software to create family trees.
The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding ("TNG")
Web Based genealogy application, uses PHP and MySQL. Allow managment and display of genealogy data on the Internet. Supports GEDCOM import and export.
Personal Historian
Windows-based. Organize, write, and publish a personal or family history.
Web based - Genealogical website builder. Uses PHP/MySQL. Opensource software. Allows users to import GEDCOM files, upload and share images and document transcripts.
Window-based. Allows the preparation, presentation and storage of genealogy trees.
Macintosh-based genealogy software.
Windows-based. Create family history reports. Multimedia support. Research tools.
RWAP Software
"QL Genealogist" for the Sinclair QL range of computers, and "Genealogy Research System" for Windows.
Taurus FamilyTree
Java application for storing, browsing and plotting genealogical information. Reads FTML, GEDCOM and CSV file formats. Plots both ancestor and descendant trees, as well as timelines.
Windows-based program with the capability to generate HTML output.
Wintree Family Tree
Windows-based. Allows management of GEDCOM data. Creation of charts and reports in many formats, including HTML, PDF, RTF, and Flash(SWF).
XY Family Tree
Windows-based. Display ancestors and descendants in various views. Export to HTML for further editing. Import from GEDCOM.

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