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The Ancient City of Athens
A photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains, including essays and resources.
Ancient Greece
Topics on the history, art and architecture, mythology, wars, geography and culture of the ancient civilization. Features a forum, essays, and photo gallery.
Topics include archaeology, architecture, art, culture, history, and maps.
The history with information on women, myths and legends, Olympics, wars, democracy, Sparta, society, coins, and Pythagoras.
The Archaic Age and the Rise of the Polis
An essay by John Porter, University of Saskatchewan with further readings and notes.
The Athenian Constitution
The complete text as written 350 B.C.E. by Aristotle, and translated by Sir Frederic G. Kenyon.
The Battle of Chaeronea
As written by Diodorus Siculus, a battle in 338 B.C.E. that implied the passing of the Greek system of city-states and the substitution of large military monarchies.
The Bronze Age on the Aegean Islands
The habitation, society, religion, economy, and art.
Crystallinks: Ancient Greece
Information and essays on topics including history, culture, government, Hippocrates, and art.
Delian League
A confederation of Greek states under the leadership of Athens with its headquarters at Delos, founded in 478 B.C.
Demos - Classical Athenian Democracy
A digital encyclopedia offering biographies, images, history, and arguments.
Description of Greece, Book I - Attica
The complete text of book written by Pausanias, fl.c.160 C.E.
Description of Greece, Book II - Corinth
The complete text of book written by Pausanias, fl.c.160 C.E.
A Detailed Chronology of Greek History
A quick historical reference for both the novice and student of Greek culture as collected and compiled by Charlie Kyriacou.
Documents of the Founding of Cyrene
Excerpt from Herodotus's The History, c. 430 B.C.
The Early History of Sparta
A brief but detailed history with links.
Electronic Resources for Classicists - The Second Generation
Contains projects, databases, images, publications, course materials, fonts, software, organizations, seminars, etexts, and other links.
The Ephors of Sparta
A listing by names.
Europe Before 1000 B.C.E.
An article on agriculture, Mycenae, Minoans, and the Dark Age.
The Glory That Was Greece
Sections on drama, history, mythology, and philosophy with a link directory, bibliography, and index of illustrations.
Greece Pyramids
Structures that pre-date those of Egypt.
Greek City States
The history especially since the dark ages with maps.
The Greeks - Crucible of Civilization
Introduction to the history, culture, politics, art and warfare with a timeline, map, a look at life in Athens, and ancient language lessons.
A biography of the Greek historian and the Father of History.
Hippocratic Oath
An oath traditionally taken by physicians pertaining to the ethical practice of medicine.
History Of Athens
A detailed account of one of the longest standing cities.
The History of the Peloponnesian War
The complete text as written in 431 B.C.E. by Thucydides, and translated by Richard Crawley.
The Kings of Sparta
A listing of names.
The Law Code of Gortyn
A code dealing fully with family relations and inheritance, c. 450 B.C.E.
The story of a legendary king. Daily Life in Ancient Greece
A look at the daily routines, customs, and lifestyle of the Greeks. Includes clip art, maps, and games.
An article about the history of the city with pictures and links.
On the Kings of Sparta
A portion of the book The History of the Persian Wars, c. 430 B.C.E. as written by Herodotus.
Overview of Late Antiquity
The land, peoples, ideologies, and other aspects of the ancient Mediterranean through the seventh century AD.
Access and history of the archaeology site.
Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean
Curricular project with a series of lessons and illustrations.
Reports of the Origins of Athens
Text as written by Herodotus, Thucydides, Plutarch, and Aristotle, c. 430 B.C.E - 110 C.E.
Complete text as written by Plutarch in 75 A.C.E. and translated by John Dryden.
Sparta Revisited
Information on the city-state of Sparta.
The Spartan War Machine, c. 375 B.C.E.
An account as written by Xenophon, c.428-c.354 B.C.E.
Spartan Women
An excerpt as written by Aristotle in The Politics of Aristotle.
Thrace and the Thracians
Introduction, history, geography, society, art and culture, and warfare.
Thucydides: On The Early History of the Hellenes
An excerpt from The History of the Peloponnesian War written c. 395 B.C.E.
Wikipedia: Ancient Greece
An encyclopedia article on the history and society of the empire.
A Woman of the Minoan Civilisation
Images with information about their role, dress, jewelry, everyday events, and life at home.
Works by Plutarch
List of works with links to the texts.
Xenophon - Anabasis, or March Up Country
The story of the march to Persia to aid Cyrus, who enlisted Greek help to try and take the throne from Artaxerxes, and the ensuing return of the Greeks between 401 B.C. and March 399 B.C.

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