Sites about Alexander III of Macedon (356-323 B.C.), the Great. The son of Philip II, Alexander defeated the armies of the Persian Empire and went on to conquer one of the largest empires of antiquity. While on an expedition, he contracted a fever, and died in Babylon at the age of 32, after which his empire was divided between the generals collectively called the Diadochi: Ptolemy, Seleukos, Perdikkas, Antigonos, Kassandros, and others. As a popular figure, he is alternately remembered as a megalomaniacal conqueror and as romantic young hero struck down in his youth. Historically, Alexander the Great is significant as the chief agent for the spread of Greek civilization throughout the eastern Mediterranean and the founding of great cities such as Alexandria, Egypt.
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Resource with essays, timelines, and assistance for Alexander scholars.
Alexander of Macedon
Biography and details of his conquest. Includes maps and illustrations of the campaign, coinage and photographs.
Alexander the Great
Review the life of this emperor, and view a list of related books.
Alexander the great
Succinct summary of highlights of Alexander's life. Some pages in French with related advertising.
Alexander the Great
the career and impact of the great Macedonian conqueror and the main themes of his reign by Richard Stoneman, 2004 by subscription.
Alexander the Great and the Mystery of the Elephant Medallions
Frank L. Holt solves the mystery of the coins from Bactria during the reign of Alexander, 2003 by subscription.
Alexander the Great History Project
Information about Alexander the Great, his life, his family, his conquests, and his battles, including links to various Alexander the Great sites and resources.
Alexander the Great of Macedon
Detailed, illustrated web site on the life of Alexander, Phillip II, and his Macedonian environment.
Alexander the Great Project
Alexander's early life, on the Macedonian throne, the battles in Persia, India, Egypt, marriage and his death.
Alexander the Great: World Conqueror
Historical resource provides an entertaining overview of Alexander's adventures and personality.
Alexander's Dream of a United Nations
Argues that an Asokan Pillar at Delhi is an altar of Alexander and that an Indian conspiracy assassinated him.
Army of Alexander the Great
Succinct overview with detailed bibliography of Alexander's army within the context of ancient Greek warfare.
Gordian Knot
A metaphor for an intractable problem, solved by a bold stroke.
History of Macedonia
Useful overview of Macedonian history before and after Alexander the Great.
In Search of Alexander's Tomb
Devoted to discussion of just where Alexander might have been buried, and what has become of his tomb - one of history's great mysteries.
The Museums of Macedonia: Royal Tombs
The Macedonian museum housing the remarkable Vergina Tomb finds of Alexander the Great's family. Summary of treasures found and history of the excavations.
The Royal Tomb II at Vergina Reveals Alexander the Great
A 12-year study of the destiny of Alexander the Great and his family's relics indicates that they lie in the royal tombs of Vergina.

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