Sites related to all forms of Child Abuse, Neglect and Prevention. Including false accusations, ritual abuse, sex offender registries and support links.

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Seeks to provide new clothes, a teddy bear, and a safe place for children removed from abusive situations. History, mission, and donation information.
American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children
Addresses all facets of the professional response to child maltreatment: prevention, assessment, intervention, and treatment.
This newsletter issue provides links to child abuse information, treatment and prevention resources.
at the grave of the unknown child
One child's story. [PDF]
The British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (BASPCAN) aims to prevent physical, emotional and sexual abuse and neglect of children. Professional journal, conferences, and membership information.
Child Abuse
Definitions of child abuse and neglect, warning signs of an abused child or abusive parent, and a US toll-free reporting hotline.
Child Abuse and Neglect
An international, multidisciplinary journal on all aspects, including sexual abuse, with special emphasis on prevention and treatment.
Child Abuse and Neglect Database Instrument System
Developed by the National Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center with funding from the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect and containing information on numerous standardized assessment instruments that have been used in child abuse and neglect research.
Child Abuse Prevention Network
Cornell University's child abuse network with access to nationwide news on child abuse and neglect and several active mailing lists on child abuse for professionals and researchers.
Child Abuse Reported to the Police
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention report. [PDF]
Child Abuse: Statistics, Research, and Resources
Information on statistics, effects and healing, for survivors, partners and caregivers. By Jim Hopper, Ph.D.
Child Advocacy Center, Inc.
Assists child abuse victims and non-offending family members in Southwest Missouri.
Childhood First
Children's charity providing residential care, support and education for abused, neglected and deprived children. Includes current projects, fundraising and news.
Children's Cove
Provides comprehensive and coordinated multidisciplinary services to child abuse victims and their families in the Massachusetts counties of Barnstable, Dukes and Nantucket.
Children's Protection Society Inc.
Providing leadership in the prevention of child abuse and neglect in Australia.
Circle Of Angels
Dedicated to honoring and supporting children and senior citizens by providing information and supporting individuals and groups working to stop all forms of abuse, exploitation, and abduction.
CNN - Abused Children Fall Through Bureaucratic Cracks
In 40 percent of child abuse cases nationwide, the threat was already known to the child welfare system, but it failed to protect the victims.
ECPAT International
A global network of organisations and individuals working together for the elimination of child prostitution, child pornography and the trafficking of children for sexual purposes.
First Witness
A child abuse resource center that trains professionals on how to conduct child-friendly, non-traumatic, forensic interviews.
FRIENDS National Resource Center for Community Based Family Resource and Support Programs
Provides technical assistance and information to help States in their efforts to reduce child abuse and neglect. Child Abuse & Neglect
Provides resources for identifying and reporting child abuse. From the Rotary Club of Santa Monica and Center for Healthy Aging.
Jim Hopper
Articles and resources about child abuse and how to seek help. By researcher and therapist, Dr Jim Hopper.
Leadership Council on Child Abuse & Interpersonal Violence
Academic research and articles critiqueing Parental Alientation Sydrome, The Rind Report (on child sexual abuse), Chilhood Trauma, and Trauma and Memory.
MedlinePlus: Child Abuse
The National Library of Medicine's authoritative and current database of information on child abuse. Overview, diagnosis/symptoms, treatment, prevention, research and statistics, organizations and resources.
Memphis Child Advocacy Center
Serves children who are victims of abuse through prevention, education, and intervention. Children's memorial flag campaign, newsletter, and request a speaker program.
Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse
Electronic Clearinghouse providing links, facts sheets and resources related to child abuse.
Mothers of Lost Children
Organization for women who have lost custody of their children as a result of making child abuse allegations.
The fourth National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect (the NIS-4) gathers information from multiple sources to estimate the number of children who are abused or neglected children, providing information about the nature and severity of the maltreatment, the characteristics of the children, perpetrators, and families, and the extent of changes in the incidence or distribution of child maltreatment since the time of the last national incidence study.
The Ray Helfer Society
An honorary society of physicians seeking to provide leadership to enhance the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of child abuse and neglect.
Representing A Child in Abuse and Neglect Cases
American Bar Association standards of practice for lawyers. [PDF]
Support Center for Child Advocates
The Support Center for Child Advocates offers free legal and social services to Philadelphia's abused and neglected children, with the goal of securing a permanent, nurturing environment for every child.
Terrell Peterson Articles
Terrell's death by starvation and beating is the basis for a lawsuit against the state of Georgia. As seen on 60 Minutes and in the New York Times.
Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect (1993)
National Academy Press - Online Book
Virtual Global Taskforce
An international alliance of law enforcement agencies working together to prevent and deter online child abuse. News, partners, and initiatives.
World Childhood Foundation--USA
An international charity founded by Queen Silvia of Sweden to raise awareness of and lend aide to sexually abused or trafficked women and children. Programs and news.
You Carry the Cure In Your Own Heart
Emotional abuse of children can lead, in adulthood, to addiction, rage, a severely damaged sense of self and an inability to truly bond with others. But-if it happened to you-there is a way out.
Children as Witnesses
Article published in Court Review on dealing with child witnesses in legal proceedings. [PDF] (January 01, 2003)
Choosing and Using Child Victimization Questionnaires" (NCJ 186027)
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. [PDF] (March 01, 2001)

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