Sites related to information and education about Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation. Preventive and legal action, and recovery together to help survivors and to stop molesters.
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"The Battle and the Backlash" by David Hechler
"The Battle and the Backlash, The Child Sexual Abuse War" is the first book on this volatile subject written by an investigative reporter. Read excerpts from the book online.
Child Centre for Children at Risk in the Baltic Sea Region
Contains reports, programmes and research within the five areas prioritised in the Baltic Sea regional co-operation on children at risk: Child sexual abuse, children in the street, children in institutions, young perpetrators and child trafficking.
Child Lures
Award-winning Child Lures program has been keeping children safe from sexual abuse and abduction for over fifteen years; information for parents, children and educators.
Child Protection
Describes stages of grief observed in most parents who are dealing with the sexual abuse of their child. Provides suggestions for reacting to disclosures of abuse, lists avenues of help, and outlines a few of the long-term issues victims and their families face.
Child Sexual Exploitation: Improving Investigations and Protecting Victims
A blueprint for action is the product of the knowledge, experience, and expertise of professionals sharing a common concern for the victims of child sexual exploitation.
Circle of Trust Abuse Resources
Articles, agencies, organizations and websites, to find information about and help for circle of trust sexual abuse of children by clergy, priests, teachers, and coaches.
Mothers Against Sexual Abuse
Established to educate society about the reality and the debilitating effects of child sexual abuse, design and support legislation that will protect children, provide a national resource referral network to help victims and families experiencing this tragedy.
Protect Our Kidz - Child Molestation and Awareness
Child molestation statistics, indications of abuse, free links to all states that have an online sex offender registry, check yourneighborhood for sex offenders
Recovered Memories of Sexual Abuse
This page, by Jim Hopper, Ph.D., presents scientific research and scholarly resources addressing amnesia and delayed recall for memories of childhood sexual abuse.
Sexual Abuse of Males: Prevalence, Lasting Effects, and Resources
Jim Hopper, Ph.D., provides a discussion and review of statistics on the sexual abuse of male children, and a list of Web resources for males sexually abused in childhood.
Stop it Now
Aims to stop child sexual abuse. Includes description of the problem, overview of their programs, news, and resources.
Survivor Haven
A site dedicated to the creativity of survivors of child sexual, physical and emotional abuse, rape and domestic abuse.
An Update on Don't! Buy! Thai! (12/20/00)
An update on the Don't! Buy! Thai! (D!B!T!) boycott of products made in Thailand. The Don't Buy Thai boycott was originally started to protest the widespread child sex tourism and child prostitution in Thailand.

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