Sites arguing for or against allowing corporal punishment for children, which is defined as disciplining children by means of physically smacking or hitting, with hands or with objects.
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Corporal Punishment Resources
Directory of articles, agencies, organizations and websites to find help for and information about corporal punishment and physical punishment of children issues.
Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children
Multinational initiative by children's rights advocates to end corporal punishment of children across the world. Background, supporters, legal basis, global progress and other information.
Is Corporal Punishment Degrading?
Essay against flogging, written by Robert Green Ingersoll, in reply to the Dean of St. Paul's Contribution to the North American Review for Dec., 1891.
Parenting in Jesus' Footsteps
Asserts that corporal punishment of children is wrong, and is contrary to the teachings of Jesus. Includes resources on gentle parenting and an online petition condemning corporal punishment of children.
Project NoSpank - Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education
Articles, essays, cartoons, posters, and other materials about the prevalence and adverse effects of spanking, flogging, and other forms of punishment that are deemed to be abusive.
Repeal 43 Committee
Advocates repealing section 43 of Criminal Code Canada, which allows corporal punishment of children by parents and teachers. Includes information about supporters, research, law, politics, and FAQs.
Tennesseans for Nonviolent School Discipline
Member organization seeking to have corporal punishment removed from public schools. Articles about the adverse effects of paddling, and a list of state school systems that do not allow corporal punishment.
World Corporal Punishment Research
Factual documentation on official corporal punishment in schools, prisons and institutions and as a judicial penalty around the world. Many links and archived reports and even some humor.

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