Society Issues Education Commercialism
Deals with the encroachment of commercialism into public and/or private precollege education. Textbooks, billboards, computer internet access and snack machines are all becoming much more commercial as the purchasing power of students is increasing. There are many other examples of the commercialization of education.
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Site has tools and suggestions to put an end to intrusive advertising. Includes information for parents, teachers, and kids.
Commercialism in Education Research Unit
CERU, directed by Professor Alex Molnar, conducts research, disseminates information, and helps facilitate dialogue between the education community, policy makers, and the public at large about commercial activities in schools.
FAIR - The Commercialization of Children's Public Television
The 15-second announcements that bracket PBS kids' shows are growing increasingly commercial. These "enhanced underwriter acknowledgments" are public broadcasters' solution to funding problems in the wake of reduced government support. But are they legal? Many underwriter advertisements seem to contradict communications law, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations and even PBS's own guidelines.
Obligation, Inc.
Seeks to empower citizens with the resources they need to protect children from the popular culture. - Teachers Beware: Corporate Science Invades our Schools
Corporate-sponsored materials are being used more frequently in schools, often because it is free of charge. The author is concerned about the bias in such materials.
Branded for Life?
Christian Science Monitor report on marketing efforts to develop brand loyalty with children. (April 01, 2002)
Public Education: Commercial Activities in Schools
A US government report shows commercialism in public schools to be "widespread and on the rise." [PDF] (September 01, 2000)
Fighting the cola wars in schools
Washington Post article looks at the implications of Coca Cola and Pepsi's efforts to sell soda in schools. (March 23, 1999)
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