Literacy and literacy training and issues, for (1) citizens who are not literate in any language and (2) new citizens or immigrants who wish or need to learn the dominant "tongue" as a second language. There appear to be quite a few acronyms, which are often explained on the site in question. I.e., ESOL is English as Second Language, and so on.
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Applied Scholastics: Opening the Doors to Learning
Acclaimed as a major breakthrough in education by specialists and lay practitioners alike, the Applied Scholastics approach developed by L. Ron Hubbard is called Study Technology.
Barksdale Reading Institute
Designed to dramatically improve the reading skills of children through a systematic and direct implementation of a research-based reading reform model.
Book 'Em
A non-profit organization seeking to inspire a love of books and reading in all children. Based in Nashville, Tennessee.
Literacy and Education
"This page has assorted links to papers on literacy and education, as well as links to several related gopher archives."
Literacy Online
University of Pennsylvania site concerning literacy for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners worldwide.
National Center for Family Literacy
Details about initiatives, research and statistics on literacy, newsletter, projects, a FAQ, press releases, and links to community programs.
Reading Is Fundamental, Inc. (RIF)
America's largest non-profit children's and family literacy organization.
Room To Read
Serves children in Nepal and Vietnam, and was founded on the belief that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and taking control of one's own life. - When Backyards Were Laboratories
Scientific literacy begins at home. [Requires free registration to view.] (May 19, 2002)
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